Back-to-School Sleeping Tips

So it’s back to school again! One of the tough chore parents encounter is to wake the kids up for them not to miss their school. The routine change definitely pivots sharply to accommodate strict school schedules.

However, this isn’t just a routine change for kids, as parents also have to wake up earlier than usual to prepare the kids. This, of course, places the entire family in a sleep-deprived state.

How much sleep does each family member need?

* Babies 1-year-old or below needs 12-16 hours of sleep

* Kids between 1-2 years of age need 11-14 hours of sleep

* Kids between 3-5 years old need 10-13 hours of sleep

* Kids between 6-12 years old need 9-12 hours of sleep

* Teens between 13-18 years old needs 8-10 hours of sleep

* Adults 18+ years old needs 7 hours or more

 So here are ways to make the entire family ready for the new school year this Fall without losing sleep:

1. Gradually change sleeping habits before the school starts. Get up a little earlier each morning and move the family’s bedtime earlier by 10-15 minutes until you can ensure everyone gets the proper amount of sleep they need when the school starts.

2. Tweak your room’s environment and gear it for sleep success. Ensure that each room’s mattress and ambiance are primed for restful sleep. Dim the lights to create a relaxing and peaceful sleep space for everyone. Also, make sure to set the room’s temperature to a cool and comfortable level. It has been shown that temperatures between 60-68 degrees Fahrenheit are conducive for sleeping.

3. Limit gadget use. Both kids and adults should stop using mobile devices, playing video games or watching TV just before bedtime. It’s a good rule for everyone not to bring mobile devices into the bedroom to prevent the temptation of using them when everyone is already lying down.

4. Finish chores well before bedtime. This will give you and your children time to settle down before the “lights out.”

5. Establish a good sleep routine. Being consistent with the sleep routine even on weekends will give a cue to everyone that it’s time for sleep.

6. Inspect bedding. Check to make sure worn out pillows are replaced, sheets were changed, and the mattress is clean for a cozy night’s sleep.

Back to school, Back to sleeping full!

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