Bed Bugs: Myths and Facts

There’s nothing more satisfying than a deep, sound, and uninterrupted sleep. That is why we at Mattress Sale Liquidators understand how crucial it is to sleep in a comfortable mattress without any disruptions. Mattress Sale Liquidators has identified another factor that steals you and your family’s good night rest aside from unreliable mattress brands, and that is the creepy night crawlers we call bed bugs.

Let’s debug the most common myths and identify facts about these tiny creatures:


Myth: Bed bugs can’t be perceived with the eyes. They are small and can’t be spotted.

Fact: Although bed bugs are often misidentified, they are most active at night and can be seen by our very eyes. Bed bugs are as big as the size of an apple seed, about 4 or 5 millimeters long, have flat bodies and are brownish. They have wings, but non-functional because they have no hind wings and the front wings are not big enough to support them. Another thing to consider is that bed bugs stink, so you can also detect them by smell.


Myth: Bed bugs can be found only in bedrooms especially in mattresses.

Fact: Although mattresses, bed frames, box springs and headboards are their primary hiding places, these pests love to live in the nook of chairs found at home, movie theaters, public transportation services, sofas, airplanes, nightstands, campuses, and even in picture frames. Bed bugs move and scatter surprisingly fast, spreading from one room to another. Bed bugs live solely on animal or human blood, so they tend to live anywhere near or within five feet of their hosts.


Myth: You can find bed bugs in filthy places.

Fact: Contrary to what we think, bed bugs are likely to be seen in neat and tidy rooms or places in the house, apartments or hotels. As long as there is an animal close or person sleeping, bed bugs can be expected to crawl and attack at night.


Don’t let bed bugs prevent you from having a good night sleep. Make sure your mattress is not just clean, but bug-free! To know more about the best mattress sale offered by Mattress Sale Liquidators, call us at 714-628-6955.



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