Do Pets Affect Your Sleep Quality?

Most people are very passionate when it comes to taking care of their pets. They treat them not as animals but as family members. They will give gifts, take pictures with them, or dress them up in lovely costumes. Others even allow their pets to sleep with them on their Orange County mattress.

The latter may sound too much for some, but data say otherwise. In a survey, the American Pet Products Association has found out that almost 50% of dog owners actually share their space with pets. About 62% of small dogs sleep with owners, while only 32% of the large ones do.

As sweet as it sounds, sleep specialists have expressed concern about how disruptive cats and dogs may be to pet owners’ sleep. This claim is further supported by 60% of respondents who complained about poor sleep quality when sleeping with pets for at least four times a week.

What’s in it for owners and their furry friends?

Sleeping with pets has raised a few concerns such as illness brought by parasites or bacteria and lack of sleep. It’s quite rare though for humans to catch something bad from their pets not unless they have a compromised immune system or have allergies. What’s probably more concerning is the lack of sleep which often results in depression and a higher risk of heart diseases.

Most pet owners reported common sleep disruptions such as barking and snoring. They were also able to confirm that pets’ sleeping habits are very much different than ours. Although they’re very playful during the day, pets can still be very active at night.


Do pets really love sleeping with their owners?

For humans, sleeping with pets is a personal choice. In fact, most owners express willingness to sacrifice their sleep for companionship.


How about your pets?

Not quite. Pets snuggle up to humans to satisfy their craving for body warmth. This means adding a heat source to your pet’s mattress may help put your dog or cat to a wonderful sleep.


Share your own experience sleeping with pets!

How was the quality of your sleep with your dog or cat? Do you have any other suggestions to improve the quality of sleep even if your pets snuggle to you? We’d love to hear your suggestions!


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