Getting Your Best Sleep During The Holidays

While kids might enjoy getting up early for holiday activities, adults know that lack of sleep can take the fun out of the season.  If the holiday cheer is already starting to take a bite out of your sleep time, the mattress sale San Diego has available may have you considering whether there isn’t a better way.  Here’s our tips for getting your rest this season, so getting up in the morning won’t leave you feeling like a Scrooge.


1. Make Sure Your Mattress Is Up To The Task

Have you been wondering whether it’s time to replace your mattress?  In general, if your mattress is 7-10 years old, it’s time to consider getting a new one.  But if a mattress is heavily used, or if you have special considerations (such as chronic pain or other conditions) you may need to replace your mattress more frequently.  Remember, you shouldn’t be waking up in the morning stiff, achy, or unrested.  If you do, that’s a sign that your old mattress might have reached the end of its useful life, and need to be replaced.


2. Keep Your Schedule Consistent

Between holiday parties, fun seasonal activities, and family gatherings, it can seem like keeping a consistent bedtime is impossible.  However, sleep patterns are important enough that it’s worthwhile to be disciplined: examine your schedule, and determine which late evenings are really non-negotiable.  Taking your daughter to that special, once-a-year performance of The Nutcracker might be worth staying up for.  But for your third work-related party of the week?  You might be able to bow out after an hour or two and get home and to bed in time to be alert the next day.


3. Don’t Stop Exercising

The January jump in gym memberships is the stuff of legend, but wouldn’t it be nice to never stop exercising this year?  As the days grow colder and the schedule gets busier, a lot of people feel less inclined to move around, but the benefits of of exercise might just be enough to tempt you outside for a walk or back to the gym for a quick workout.  Exercise can lift your spirits, trim your waistline, and keep your joints supple, and it’s also a major factor in improving your sleep.  Who doesn’t want to be happier, in better shape, in less pain, and better rested this time of year?  And if you’re worried about icy conditions making outdoor exercise dangerous, consider taking your walk indoors, and enjoying the festive decorations at your local mall.


4. Don’t Over-Indulge

Most people are familiar with the need to watch their caffeine consumption to ensure the ability to fall asleep, but this time of year many don’t associate drinking alcohol with troubled rest.  However, even though it makes you feel sleepy, did you know that alcohol can actually impair your sleep?  If you’re having trouble staying asleep, try switching to un-spiked eggnog.

This year, why face the holidays feeling tired, run-down, and irritable?  With a bit of pre-planning and some discipline, you can sleep better than ever–unless Santa wakes you coming down the chimney, that is.


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