Got That Expectant-Mom Glow?

You’re expecting a baby–congratulations!  What you may not have been expecting was the discomfort and restlessness that’s keeping you up at night.  If you’d rather not wait nine months to get comfortable, read on for our tips for better rest during pregnancy.

1. That Lovely Baby Bump

Your growing baby takes up more room every day, and the weight of your belly can pull your spine out of its normal alignment.  If you’ve been waking up with a crick in your back, neck, or hips, consider sleeping in different positions than the one you’re used to.  (You’ve likely heard the caution about sleeping on your back before: don’t do so after the seventh month.)  Try:

  • Side positioning.

  • Side positioning with pillows–some mothers find that a pillow between their knees and another cradling their belly keeps their hips in line.

  • Body pillows–sometimes curling around one large pillow is easier than adjusting many smaller ones.

  • Sleeping propped up with pillows behind you, to avoid lying flat on your back.

Be creative, and don’t be afraid to sleep in the position that gives you the most rest!


2. Check Your Mattress

If you’ve been wishing for a visit to the best Orange County mattress stores, go ahead and indulge yourself.  Odds are if your mattress is old, uncomfortable, or worn-out, that positioning tips and tricks aren’t going to help your sleep that much.  Try a few new mattresses and see how they compare to your old one.  If they seem much better, don’t hesitate: sleep is going to be a precious commodity for the next several years.  Set yourself up for success!


3. Avoid Heartburn And Other Discomforts

Sometimes it’s not so much that you’ve got a pain in the neck, it’s the discomfort and burning of heartburn that’s keeping you up.  As baby grows and takes up more room, your internal organs can be displaced, causing even well-loved foods to cause painful heartburn or gas, which can in turn lead to insomnia.  If this is your problem, consider avoiding chocolate, spicy food, and large meals for a couple of hours before bedtime.

Remember, taking care of yourself is the same as caring for your baby.  You deserve the best-night’s rest possible, and with a few adjustments–and maybe a great new bed– you can wake every morning refreshed and happy.  (At least until the baby’s born.  After that, we admit, all bets are off.)



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