Holiday Planning? A Visit To The Best of the Orange County Mattress Stores Can Help

Are you hosting company this holiday season?  Having guests can be wonderful–and stressful, when you’re trying to plan for everyone’s comfort.  You’ve probably already made grocery lists and considered getting tickets for fun activities, but have you considered where your guests are going to sleep?  If your guest room bed has seen better days, a stop at one of the best orange county mattress stores has to offer might just be exactly what you need to make your holiday company merry.

Making Your Guests Comfortable

Even hotels spend a lot of time researching how to help their guests sleep, recuperate, and generally enjoy their stay.  Take a few tips from the hospitality industry and make this year’s hosting duties easy on both your guests and yourself:


1. Prep The Bed

Guest rooms are often where old mattresses go to die.  Before your guests arrive, take the opportunity to spend a night or two in your own guest room.  This can be an eye-opening experience.  Is the mattress old, uncomfortable, or worn out?  What about the pillows?  How about temperature–are there enough blankets on the bed?  Are the sheets comfortable?


2. Prep The Room

Most people sleep best in a dark, cool room.  Make sure that any window coverings are adequate.  As well, a lamp and bedside table, even if they have to be improvised from elsewhere in the house, are usually very appreciated.


3. Think About Extras

Take a tip from luxury hotels and include a little basket of amenities.  Your guests will appreciate not having to ask you for a bit of hand cream, a needle and thread, or a bandage.  Make sure the bathroom your guest will be using is thoroughly stocked with soap, towels, shampoo, toilet paper, and tissues.  Make an extra blanket or two available in case your guests are cold.

In the rush to make your guests comfortable, don’t forget to look after your own sleep, as well.  Now that your guest room is a haven, what about your own bedroom?  If your guests–and you–are sleeping well this holiday season, odds are that everything else will be easier.  Don’t let something so simple wreck your festivities.  Remember: eat, sleep, and be merry.



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