Is Neck Or Back Pain Your Nemesis?

If you’ve been putting off shopping all the mattresses San Diego has available, you might just be undermining your own quality of life.  A surprising number of people are sleeping on a less than optimum mattress.  There are a number of reasons for this–young people are often stuck on a bad mattress in a dorm, or they accept hand-me-downs from friends and family when furnishing their first apartment.  At the other end of the spectrum, many older adults have had their mattress for years and may not realize that it’s becoming worn out. So how can you know if your mattress is causing you pain? Read on.


Symptom 1: You Wake Up Sore

If you’re generally feeling all right in the evening but tend to wake up feeling stiff and sore, it’s relatively easy to diagnose your mattress as the culprit.  However, for many people the connection is more subtle and difficult to tease out. Mattresses don’t necessarily fail all at once, and so often back or neck pain has been coming on gradually for a long time.  One easy way to check? Pay attention the next time you stay over at a friend’s house or in a hotel. If your back or neck issues feel better when sleeping on a different bed, then you’ll know that your mattress is to blame.


Symptom 2: You Toss And Turn

If you used to fall asleep quickly but now you find yourself unable to get comfortable, it’s easy to blame the heat of the room, your late-night entertainment habits (binge-watching a favorite show, anyone?), or even the noisy neighbors.  However, pay attention to how your body is feeling when you’re unable to get to sleep. If you notice that you have to keep moving in order to relieve pressure on your shoulders or hips, or if you find that your back becomes tense when you lay down, then your mattress may actually be causing your insomnia.


Symptom 3: Fatigue

Even if you manage to get off to sleep, are you waking up tired?  Feeling like you’re not actually getting rested during the time you spend in bed can be extremely frustrating.  While you should always talk with your doctor to rule out serious conditions like sleep apnea, it’s also possible that your mattress is too uncomfortable to allow you to spend enough time in the restorative “deep” stages of sleep.

Your health is too important to put up with an old, worn-out, or uncomfortable mattress any longer.  Don’t let cost be an issue–we’ve got a bargain for every price point, and we don’t believe you can put a price on the clairity, optimism, and good health that flow from a great night’s sleep.



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