Is Your Back Pain Slowing You Down?

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who struggle with back and neck pain, odds are that you’ve tried a lot of different ways of managing it.  Visits to doctors, chiropractors, exercise classes, and special tools can all add up, but what if what your back really needs is a visit to an Orange County mattress store?

Your Mattress And Your Spine: The Link

Most of us can draw a connection between doing some activity during the day and how our back feels later.  It just makes sense that if you stack firewood for four hours, you’ll have pain unless you use excellent body mechanics.  But how many of us think about the body mechanics we use when we spend eight hours in bed every night?  That’s right: it’s actually important to maintain proper posture while you sleep.


What Sort Of Mattress Is Best For My Back Pain?

People with lower back pain used to be advised to sleep on the firmest mattress that they could tolerate.  New research, however, suggests that it’s a little more complicated than that.  The new consensus is that the best mattress for someone with low back pain is whichever mattress they can use with the least amount of pain.  The majority of back pain sufferers report that means using a “medium-firm” mattress.  In general, if you have wider hips and shoulders, you’ll be more comfortable on a softer mattress, while those with narrower hips might find their back is better supported on a firmer surface.


What About Memory Foam?

While there are plenty of traditional innerspring mattresses that work well for people with back pain, many are surprised to find just how comfortable modern memory foam mattresses can be.  Memory foam works well for those with back pain because it molds to your body and cradles it, supporting you all night long.  This enables your spine to relax in an ergonomic position, giving tense muscles and ligaments a change to recharge and reset.


Choosing A Mattress

The bottom line?  If you have back pain issues, having a great bed is even more important for you than for the average person.  Trying out several mattresses in the store and choosing the one that feels best to you can be vital.  Don’t try to get along with an old, uncomfortable, or worn-out mattress for one more night.



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