Look In A San Diego Mattress Store For These Options

Many San Diego residents, as is the case elsewhere in the country as well, like to turn onto their sides sometime during the night, finding that to be the most comfortable position. The best mattresses for side sleepers are those that offer pelvic rotation, firmness, and support. That’s because it’s possible for side sleepers to suffer from neck, back, or hip pain. A side sleeper in San Diego will want a mattress that aligns the spine and relieves the pressure points at the shoulders and the hips. Here are some of the best ones that we’ve found on the market.

Tomorrow Sleep
If you find one of these at the mattress store San Diego, it’s well worth your time to test it out. Tomorrow Sleep is made by Serta Simmons, one of the biggest mattress makers in the business. It’s constructed with a combination of foam and springs, and it has two firmness options. You can choose which one you think will work best for you based on your body alignment. Test it out and see if the pressure relief suits you.
Casper Wave
The Casper Wave is another option, though it’s going to come in at a higher price point. This luxurious mattress has zoning technology that’s designed specifically for side sleepers. It’s meant to provide construction at the hips and shoulders that will better align your spine as you sleep. For a side sleeper who doesn’t want to wake up sore in the morning, that’s good news. It also has multiple different foam layers, including flo, latex, and memory.
Leesa Mattress
Another favorite at the mattress store, San Diego side sleepers flock to the Leesa, which is perfect for those with shoulder and hip pain. It’s flippable, with two sides of varying firmness that can work for the side sleeper. Having a mattress with two different options is ideal, because your pain may be reduced over time, and you may want to go with the firmer or softer option at some point.
These are only three of the many choices that are out there, San Diego. For the side sleeper, it’s critical that you find the mattress that offers support where it is needed. You don’t want to walk around all day limping from hip pain or have to sit at your desk continually flexing your neck to work out the kinks.

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