Mattress Sale San Diego: How To Sleep Like A Baby

If you’re cruising the current mattress sale San Diego has available, you’re probably already thinking about replacing your own mattress, but have you considered the smaller members of your family?  Despite urgent public health warnings advising parents to make sure that their kids get adequate shuteye, many children are sleeping on old, lumpy, uncomfortable, or worn-out mattresses, or are in a bed that’s wrong-sized for them–like an outgrown toddler bed.  While no parent wants to spend money unnecessarily, making sure your child is sleeping well is smart for more than one reason.


Doing Well In School

A child’s brain takes in a lot of information during the day: from school lessons to life lessons, kids are always learning.  The problem is that without sleep, much of that information may fail to “stick”.  Sleep is when the human brain organizes the input it receives during the day and moves knowledge into long-term memory, and getting enough sleep can increase a child’s attention span.  In fact, it’s not too much of a stretch to say that without adequate sleep, real learning and retention is incredibly difficult.  Have you been noticing your child’s grades slipping lately?  Late hours or nights spend tossing and turning may be to blame.


Avoiding Colds & Flu

It seems like a vicious circle: you catch a sniffle, then are up all night coughing and sneezing.  The next day, you’re so exhausted that you feel even worse.  It’s not your imagination–sleep really is vital to healing from bacterial infections and viruses like colds and influenza.  But did you know that getting enough sleep can help you keep from getting sick in the first place?  Doctors recommend that adults get 7-8 hours to keep their immune system in tiptop shape, but for children the requirements are even higher: to keep your kids healthy this winter, aim for 8-10 hours of sleep, every single night.


Keeping A Sunny Disposition

We all know that a child can suffer a “meltdown” after missing a nap, and even adults feel grouchy after they miss an hour of sleep.  With their growing bodies, kids not only require more sleep than grownups, but feel a lack of sleep faster.  By missing just one hour of sleep for three or four nights in a row, kids can start seeing health and mood consequences.  Life is difficult enough without the irritability, lack of impulse control, and moodiness that come from being overtired.  An added bonus?  When your child is well-rested, the odds are that you’ll be getting more sleep, too.


Getting To Bed On Time

So in our busy modern world, how are you supposed to convince your child to get enough rest?  Here are a few tricks that researchers say can benefit kids and their parents:

  • A solid bedtime routine helps kids feel sleepy at the correct time of day, and can encourage them to fall asleep promptly.

  • No electronics in the bedroom means that kids are less likely to force themselves to stay awake, staring at bright lights that can keep the brain alert and active.

  • Prioritizing naps and early bedtimes can ensure that kids have a “buffer zone” to protect them against inadequate sleep.

It’s never been easier to provide healthy sleep for your children, starting with a solid routine and a quality mattress.  Here’s to better sleep–for the whole family.




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