Orange County Should Take A Look At This Mattress Brand

There are so many mattresses from which to choose these days. When you go to the Orange County mattress store, you might feel overwhelmed if you don’t know a little bit about some of the models befo

rehand. Today we’ll be taking a look at the Layla mattress brand, which has been making some inroads into territory occupied by other popular favorites Casper, Helix, and Leesa.

The Double-Sided Feature
One of the aspects of the Layla mattress brand that sets it apart from some of the others is the fact that it comes with a firmer and a softer side, and you can flip it depending on which level of support you desire. That’s a nice feature because it could be that your preference will change over time, in which case you can flip it over instead of having to purchase a new one.
The Construction
This is an all-foam mattress, Orange County, which boasts four different layers. It also comes with a cover that is made of a polyester blend that is pleasingly soft. It has a gel infusion which offers superior temperature regulation. The cover is removable and can be safely dry cleaned.
On the softer side of the mattress is a comfort layer comprised of three inches of copper-infused memory foam. The sleeper can sink in somewhat, and there is pressure relief for any aching muscles. The firmer side only has one inch of the same memory foam. This means that you won’t sink in as deeply, which some Orange County residents prefer.
The support center is high-density poly foam. It has a quick response to pressure and is durable and long lasting.
It could be said that the two options for this mattress are both medium-firm, with some variation depending on what side you’re using. This is probably part of what makes the Layla a best seller since most people like to sleep in or around that range. The cost is also reasonable, as it does not demand the high price tag of the more high-end models, but is also far from a bargain-basement brand.
The Layla is well worth your time to consider, Orange County. Most mattress stores carry it, so test it out if you’re thinking of replacing your current one.

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