Time For A Mattress Comparison

In the past few years, there has been quite a revolution in the mattress industry, Orange County. This has primarily been due to the new technologies that have become available in mattress construction. Many different existing mattress companies have incorporated these technologies, and new companies have also sprung up to compete with some of the more well-known brands. Leesa and Casper are two of those trying to compete in this new marketplace. But which one is superior?

Mattress Interior
These both are hybrid foam mattresses, as are so many of the new varieties. Casper has four foam layers. It’s poly foam, memory foam, poly foam again, and then a supportive foam base. The top layer provides airflow and lets you stay cool during the night, which is a big deal during the summer, or year-round for older adults.
Leesa has three foam layers, Orange County, the first of which is Avena foam. This is a latex foam alternative. It’s designed to feel like latex foam, but it provides superior durability. The middle layer is memory foam, and then there’s a foam base. Cooling and airflow is a feature with this one too, so the two are comparable in this respect.
Both mattresses could be described as medium-firm, Orange County, right in the middle of the scale. There’s no major difference to be noticed there.
Motion Transfer and Feel
It’s probably here where the most significant differences between these two mattresses are to be found. The Casper’s feeling of “sink” on the back or sides of the sleeper is deeper than that of the Leesa. With the Casper, it could be said that the foam hugs the body as it conforms to it more. Some people like that sensation, while others prefer to be supported more gently on top of the foam. If the latter is your preference, then you’re more likely to enjoy the Leesa option.
Both mattresses perform similarly in regards to motion transfer. If you have a partner, you’re unlikely to disturb them if you’re restless during the night, and vice versa.
In conclusion, since these two mattresses come in at similar price points, Orange County, and they perform similarly in several respects, the question of how you like your body to be cradled becomes the most prevalent. If you want to sink in a little and feel your body being held gently, it’s probably going to be the Casper. With the Leesa, you’ll remain buoyant on top of the foam layers.

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