What Are The Best Mattresses For Couples?

Does one or the other of you have a hard time falling asleep at night? Insomnia might be part of the problem, or it could be your mattresses San Diego that are to blame. You might agree on lots of the same favorite books, movies, and restaurants, but if one of you isn’t getting the best night of sleep and is going off to work with bleary eyes and tousled hair every morning, it’s eventually going to put a strain on the relationship. What’s the solution? A new mattress is something that you should consider.

The Best Mattresses For Couples in San Diego
The Leesa Mattress
This seems to be among the best mattress choices for the “average couple.” It’s foam, medium-firm, so if you like neither feather-soft nor rock-hard, this might fit the bill. One of the best aspects of it is that there is minimal motion transfer. That’s especially useful if one of you goes instantly to dreamland but the other tosses and turns for a while. These have become popular in the past couple of years.
Kingsdown Passions Imagination Mattress
San Diego couples also rave about this one, especially if you have young ones in your family. This mattress is large enough to accommodate not just you and your partner, but also a furry companion or a couple of kids crawling in at some point during the night. You can even get it with a mattress protector, which is perfect for grape juice spills, muddy paw marks, or whatever else the other members of your family see fit to bring with them.
Muse Mattresses
For the value-conscious, this might be the way to go, and it’s also the preferred choice for older couples. As we get older, it becomes a challenge for us to regulate our body temperatures, San Diego, which is why this gel-infused memory foam mattress comes with a cooling cover that conforms to the body. There’s also plenty of therapeutic support for aching backs or knees.
As always, the best thing to do before selecting mattresses is to head to the store and try them out, San Diego. For couples that want to get closer to one another, sleeping on a mattress that both find comfortable is a perfect way to start.

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