Consider Ways Of Beating Insomnia Before Visiting Mattress Stores Orange County

Mattress stores Orange County have lots of different varieties, and it seems likely that you’ll be able to find one around your price range that’s also comfortable for you. But once you’ve got your mattress home, you might yourself

tossing and turning, and it doesn’t have anything to do with allergens or lack of back support. No, if you have insomnia, then it might be bad habits that are contributing to it. Let’s examine some possible solutions to this widespread problem.

The Link Between Exercise and Sleep
It has been demonstrated that exercise during the day helps a person sleep at night. On days when you can get a workout in, it’s more likely that you won’t be bothered by insomnia that evening. The best time for that workout seems to be when you get up in the morning. If you can’t do some light exercise before going to work, the afternoon is fine too. Avoid working out too close to bedtime. Light aerobic activity is also advisable for health purposes apart from it being a sleep aid.
Monitor Your Food and Liquid Intake
Orange County is not known for obesity as much as some other areas of the country since there are plenty of active people here who like running, surfing, and other outdoor activities. Still, there are some who overeat, and that’s not generally helpful when you’re trying to fall asleep. Eating a lighter dinner and minimizing your liquid intake before bed can be useful in combating insomnia. This makes it less likely you’ll need to get up multiple times during the night to empty your bladder.
Warm Socks
This might seem like odd advice, but it has been established that warming up your feet with heavy socks, ideally wool, cashmere, or fleece, will dilate your blood vessels. This shoots a signal to the brain saying that it is time to sleep and that the body should shut down. The more dilated the blood vessels in your extremities, the sooner you can expect to fall asleep.If hitting Orange County mattress stores and getting a new, more comfortable mattress was all it took to cure insomnia, that would be ideal. However, it often takes more than that. Insomnia can be a nightmare if it is tenacious, but making new healthy habits and breaking old harmful ones can be the cure.

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