The Orange County Mattress Stores Have Many Choices For Stomach Sleepers

It is the consensus of many sleep experts that you should not sleep on your stomach. Sleep on your back, they’ll tell you, or even your side is better. The problem is that some people aren’t able to fall asleep in any other position than on their stomachs. Because of this, you can go to the Orange County mattress stores and find some options that have been designed specifically with stomach sleepers in mind. You may not be able to alter your sleep habits, but you can at least get a mattress that’s comfortable and affordable.

Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Mattress
The Luxury Firm version of this mattress can be a solid choice for stomach sleepers, Orange County. It can be found at many mattress stores, and though it does come in medium and soft firmness, the stomach sleeper usually likes some firm support, so their hips do not sink in too far. The comfort layer of this model has gel memory foam, which relieves pressure. At the same time, the heat regulation lets the sleeper stay cool. That’s of particular concern to the stomach sleeper, who does not want excess heat trapped against their body.
Zenhaven Mattress
The Zenhaven model, from Saatva, offers an all firm-latex design. There is some good feedback and bounce to it. The Zenhaven is one of the models that is flippable, with one side being firmer and the other softer. The firm side is probably going to be suitable for stomach sleepers. You’ll get pressure relief and the bounce of the latex, but your hips will be firmly supported as well.
Winkbeds Mattress
Another top seller at Orange County mattress stores, this is an option that features firm innerspring support. The firmness will keep the user from sinking in too deeply, and the sensation that you’re sleeping on top of the mattress seems preferable to most stomach sleepers. There’s plenty of support, and a plush top foam layer makes this the top pick for a stomach sleeper who still wants the feel of traditional springs.
Any of these might be a suitable choice for the discerning stomach sleeper in Orange County. Head to the mattress stores and try them out before making your selection.

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