The mattress stores in Orange County do a brisk business, and that’s as it should be. A higher quality of mattress leads to a better night of sleep, and that’s a necessity, not a luxury.


Orange County residents who aren’t aware of the importance of seven to nine hours of sleep a night should know about the following.


Sleep Increases Your Alertness


If your mattress is comfortable, Orange County residents, then you’ll get those seven to nine hours, and then you’ll be more alert and energized. That means you can handle whatever the day throws at you, and you won’t feel groggy and listless midway through it.


You can get outside during the daylight, be active, and this feeds into a beneficial cycle. By being awake during the day, you sleep better at night, and those good nights of sleep power you through the days.


Less Inflammation


You need to have a quality mattress, Orange County residents, because if you’re not sleeping well, then this increases your level of harmful stress hormones, and this, in turn, leads to inflammation. Inflammation causes chronic pain, and it has also been linked to diabetes, cancer, and heart-related diseases.


People who don’t allocate enough mattress time are doing themselves a disservice, Orange County. It’s great to be motivated to get lots of things done during the day, but that shouldn’t come at the expense of your sleep.


Less Stress


A lot of the problems we encounter both physically and mentally can be attributed to stress, Orange County, and a trip to the mattress stores might be the answer.


When we don’t sleep enough, our bodies are on high alert, which increases our blood pressure and lets stress hormones build up. If you have high blood pressure, it increases your chances of a stroke or heart attack, and when you’re stressed, it’s harder for you to fall asleep. A comfortable mattress and learning relaxation techniques like meditation will help.


Less Chance of Cancer


More sleep means less risk of certain kinds of cancer, Orange County.


Your exposure to light reduces melatonin levels, and melatonin protects against cancer, as it prevents the growth of tumors. A comfortable mattress and a dark bedroom are ideal for not only getting sleep but keeping your melatonin at the proper level. Make sure that no electronic devices are on nearby either.


Less Chance of Stroke and Heart Attack


Because of the way sleep interacts with the blood vessels, Orange County, you have more of a chance of a stroke or heart attack if you are awake during the early morning hours.


Lack of sleep, due to an uncomfortable mattress, for instance, has been linked to worsening blood pressure and cholesterol levels. If you sleep from seven to nine hours a night, then your heart will be healthier, so it is imperative that you get a new mattress if your old one is worn out.


At the mattress stores in Orange County, there are many knowledgeable employees who can help you select a mattress that is right for your budget and the position in which you sleep.


You owe it to yourself for all of the health reasons mentioned to get yourself a new mattress if your old one is impeding your slumber.