Are Allergies Keeping You Up?

If you have allergies, you know the symptoms too well: sneezing, watery eyes, stuffy nose, and even difficulty breathing.  But did you know that your allergies can impact your sleep even when it’s not pollen season outside?  In fact, a visit to one of the best mattress stores in Orange County might help you rest better.

How Indoor Allergens Impact Your Sleep

While many people with allergies find themselves suffering a flare when the pollen count is high, sometimes the causes of your flare can lurk within the walls of your own home.  Some very common indoor allergen sources include:

  • Dust mites

  • Household fragrances

  • Dirty filters

  • Pet dander

  • Mold

If any of these are found in your home, they might be impacting your ability to breathe comfortably enough to fall asleep.


How To Get Rid Of Indoor Allergens

Some allergens are easy to get rid of.  If you’re sneezing because of household fragrances, like the ones in your laundry detergent or that pretty scented candle, then you can simply switch to unscented variations and give your sinuses a break.  Likewise, dirty air conditioner or heater filters and mold can simply be cleaned (although badly infested moldy surfaces might actually need to be replaced).  But you’re not likely to get rid of your beloved Fluffy or Fido just because you’re allergic to pet dander, and how can you eradicate dust mites?  After all, those microscopic creepy-crawlies actually mostly live in your bed and pillows.


Mattress Care For Allergens

If your mattress is over ten years old, you may want to replace it anyway, whether or not you feel comfortable managing the dust mites inside.  (And after 10 years, it’s estimated that dead dust mites and their waste can make up 50% of your mattress weight.  Eww!)  Once you have a clean mattress, be sure to cover it with and envelope-style mattress pad.  Pillow covers are also available.  These prevent dust mites from penetrating your mattress and pillows in the first place, and can give you a good night’s sleep.  You can also strike a compromise with your pets: be sure to locate their sleeping area out of your bedroom, and don’t let them sleep on your bed.

Allergies can make it tricky to get enough sleep, but with a bit of attention you can purge your environment of the substances that make you stuffy.  Don’t wait to get the bed and accessories you need to feel your best.  Even with allergies, you deserve a great night’s rest!



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