Celebrate World Sleep Day!

The global community has observed World Sleep Day since 2008 to raise awareness about the importance of sleep. It is commemorated on the third Friday of each March. This year, it lands on March 18th. It’s a chance for us all – regardless of whether you’re an expert or just getting started with your nocturnal habits-to learn more about how much we need quality rest at different points throughout each week! The United States alone loses about $411 billion every year to sleep-related problems, resulting in workers calling off and disrupting productivity. Working smarter, not harder solves this huge economic burden. Learn how you can take advantage of this important day with the help of one of the best Orange county mattress stores.

Each year, the slogan changes. For example, last year in 2021 it was ‘Regular Sleep, Healthy Future.” So how can you celebrate World Sleep Day this year? There are plenty of ways to do this:

Get an additional hour of sleep by going to bed early the night before.

Take a nap during the day! This is the best way to avoid afternoon drowsiness. You’ll feel more energized and productive when it’s time for your next work shift!

Begin an exercise routine. It’s no secret that staying physically active makes us happier: exercising reduces stress and promotes feelings of well-being through increased energy levels or decreased blood pressure! Plus, when we’re feeling good inside out, our thoughts become clear again, so rest assured knowing this will translate into an improved quality-of-life overall.

Download a sleep app. The combination of sounds from nature, breathing exercises, and light therapy improves symptoms for people with chronic insomnia or other conditions like depression that cause them difficulty sleeping. Apps can also help track your sleeping habits.

Decide to stop putting it off and talk to your doctor about your sleeping problems. Anxiety affects millions across America who have trouble sleeping well during nights on end, so they suffer through less able-bodied mornings; luckily, these days, treatments exist where people will get treated specifically without having any side effects from medications.

Buy melatonin from your local drug store for minor sleeping problems.

Buy a new bed at one of the best mattress stores in Orange County, such as Mattress Sale Liquidators. We take pride in knowing how much care goes into ensuring every customer feels taken care of before leaving our doors because there is always something new coming up, whether it be price or quality-related concerns!

In conclusion, World Sleep Day is a day to celebrate the importance of sleep and raise awareness about the dangers of sleep deprivation. It’s also an opportunity for people to learn more about how they can get a good night’s sleep. As illustrated in this article, if you want to participate in World Sleep Day, there are many ways to do so, including going to one of our Orange County mattress stores. You can visit the official website to find out more information or join the conversation on social media using the hashtag #WorldSleepDay.