Clean Mattress? Here’s How!

Getting a good night sleep in a  clean and comfortable mattress is always essential to both the mental and physical well-being of our body. When was the last time you have cleaned your mattress? If you are unsure of this, remember you have been spending six or seven hours there every night which means your mattress has to put up with a lot!

Your mattress is something that you have invested in for the long-term so to preserve it and prevent it from giving you health issues, Mattress Sales Liquidators in Fountain Valley, Orange, and San Diego found the best ways in keeping them clean, and fresh.

Use a clean hoover attachment or a vacuum cleaner to remove dust, dead skin cells, and debris from the mattress. This is recommended on a  monthly basis. Read the mattress instruction as advised. If it is against hovering, then use a damp cloth instead to wipe away any debris and leave it to dry.

Using a natural deodorizer or Baking Soda, sift over the mattress surface for 30 minutes as this will help neutralize any odors from all the sweat, dust, and other nasty smell. Adding Essential oils like lavender can also leave you with a lovely smelling bed for a great night’s sleep.

Cleaning stains may seem to be an unpleasant task. A quick tip is to use a cold, wet cloth as soon as possible. Do not wash it in hot water as this will set stains that have not been removed yet. Press blot with motion and avoid rubbing it any further. Applying a small amount of laundry detergent with a clean damp cloth also helps but do not overwet the mattress for it is difficult to dry.

A wide variety of mattress stain removers are also available on the market; a citrus cleanser for simple and unidentified stains, hydrogen peroxide for blood and urine stains or baking soda after applying detergents for particular stubborn stains, and perhaps a vacuum in the area will help the next day.

Give these tips a try and sleep soundly in a fresh and clean mattress. Visit Mattress Sale Liquidators to further assist you with your mattress queries.