How to Equip your Guest Room for Holidays

The weather is starting to change, and that means that the holidays is just around the corner.  Is your guest room up to the challenge?  Try sleeping in your guest room for a couple of nights, and then consider your verdict: is it comfortable, or is your guest room mattress over the hill?  If so, give your guests the gift of a good night’s sleep: find the perfect bed at the mattress sale Orange County has available.

Choosing a Mattress

Guest room beds are notorious for being uncomfortable, but you want your visitors to remember their stay fondly.  Use the same guidelines choosing a guest room bed that you would use to select the mattress you use every night.  The ideal mattress should have the firmness you prefer, should create no pressure points when you stretch out on it, and should minimize allergens.

Making the Bed

Once you’ve got the mattress, it’s time to think about the other things you can do to make your guests feel at home.  The right sheets and blankets can make your extra room feel more like a trip to a fancy hotel.  Start with a quality mattress pad, then add crisp cotton sheets.

(A high thread count adds softness.)  Top with a blanket and, for extra luxury, a real or synthetic down comforter.


Adding Special Touches

Some of the easiest ways to elevate your guest room are free.  Declutter–your old magazines, workout gear, and that half-packed box of decorations can all be removed to a different area of the house.  Clear a bedside table and replace the junk with a reading lamp, a non-ticking clock, and a box of tissues.  If you’re feeling extra thoughtful, it’s nice to set out an attractive basket with items that your guests might need, such as a new toothrbrush, a sewing kit, toiletries, or a small first aid kit.  Make sure the room is dusted, vacuumed, and if possible open a window to get some fresh air.


Happy Hosting        

Your guests are there to see you, not your bedrooms.  Still, everyone likes to feel wanted and appreciated.  With these thoughtful touches, you’ll be known as the host or hostess with the mostest for years to come.



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