Options To Look For At Mattress Stores In Orange County

It seems like there are more mattress options out there than ever. If you go to mattress stores in Orange County, you might feel yourself to be engulfed by choices. Where do you start? Well, this article is as good of a place as any. Let’s run down some of our favorites.

The Amerisleep AS3
This might be our pick for the best overall mattress. It consistently receives top marks in consumer reports, and that many satisfied customers can’t be wrong. The FDA has determined that Celliant makes for a more restful sleep, and that’s what they use in their cover. The memory foam that they use is more breathable than the average, so you stay comfortable and cool. It’s also responsive, which makes it easier to move around during the night. It also has a unique transition layer that provides targeted support for common problem areas like the lower back.
Serta iComfort Savant III
This is the third generation of this popular mattress. It’s pricey, but it’s also extraordinarily high-quality. You can get it in either firm or plush, and it comes with the triumvirate of memory foam, gel foam, and poly foam for maximum comfort. You get a 10-year replacement warranty with this one, and a 120-day free trial period to make your choice.
Simmons Beautyrest Black Ice Phoebe 13’’ Plush Mattress
This is a luxurious mattress and the most expensive of these four options. It’s made with memory foam, and it seems as though it’s best liked by side sleepers. With four unique layers that are designed for support, cooling, and comfort, this is a stylish choice, but the price tag might make it prohibitive for bargain shoppers.
Sealy Optimum Inspiration Gold
Our last pick is mid-range price-wise, and it’s another memory foam option with gel-infusion and cooling technology. You get five inches of memory foam, which is more than most beds and is designed for a plush feel. These mattresses also get outstanding ratings, with motion isolation being the best feature. It comes with a 10-year replacement warranty as well.
You should find all of these available and ready for you to try. As always when you’re mattress shopping, remember to test each one carefully before making your final decision, lying on it for several minutes on your side, stomach, or back, depending on how you normally sleep.