Best Mattresses San Diego: What Benefits Of Healthy Sleep Could You Be Missing?

Maybe your old mattress is a pain in the neck (or back), or maybe you’re looking at the mattresses San Diego has available to make sure your house is ready to receive guests this holiday season.  Whatever has you in the market for a new bed, remember to prioritize your own sleep with a quality mattress.  There are some surprising benefits to getting a healthy night of zzz’s:


Less Inflammation

Inflammation in the body can be a good thing, when your body is trying to kick a virus and you run a temperature or when your body is healing a cut.  But when the body experiences long-term or chronic inflammation, it can cause pain, the breakdown of certain tissues, and even hormonal imbalances.  Your body expects you to get 7-9 hours of sleep every night, during which time it repairs your tissues and resets your hormones.  Getting enough sleep can minimize your inflammation, which in turn can improve everything from weight loss efforts to arthritis pain.


Get Smarter

Did you know that you’re smarter when you’re well-rested?  People know that if they’re feeling exhausted they have difficulty with precise mental tasks like math or puzzle solving.  But few people realize that lack of sleep can also impact your willpower, decision-making ability, and even your food cravings.  Do you want to be at your best for a difficult meeting?  Then make sure that you get your rest the night before.


Get Lucky In Love

For those in a relationship, you’ve probably already noticed that when you’re tired, you’re less likely to prioritize physical affection.  Many people don’t realize, however, that chronic lack of sleep can contribute to relationship problems.  When one or both people in a relationship are underslept, they tend to be irritable, less rational, and less flexible.  If you’re wondering why you can’t seem to stop snapping at your partner, look at your schedule: are you getting your 7-9 hours of sleep?  Maybe snuggling up with your sweetie for a few extra hours of sleep each night is the answer.


Get Happy

Lack of sleep makes people grumpy–we know this intuitively and joke about it.  But it’s not joking matter when chronic sleep deprivation pushes you towards anxiety or depression.  Your mental health is too important to be put aside.

Tonight, instead of answering another email or streaming another episode, do yourself a favor.  Curl up on your new mattress, turn out the lights, and get the rest you need to have the best day of your life.



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