In the past, people had a general understanding that sleep was good for the body and that it was more challenging to try to get things done without it. For San Diego residents, if a mattress had gotten worn out, then a trip to the mattress store was put on the to-do list, but it might not have been considered a high priority.


But doctors have been studying sleep for years, and they are now starting to understand just how vital it is.


Sleep Lets Your Body Repair Itself


During the day, San Diego residents must deal with various stresses from their work and home lives. They are exposed to chemicals in the food and water that they consume, and the air that they breathe. They are exposed to ultraviolet rays.


While it is impossible to avoid these things entirely, time spent asleep on a mattress at night is your time to recuperate. While you are sleeping, your cells produce more protein. These molecules are what form the building blocks for cells, and they repair that damage.


You Won’t be as Depressed


Part of what causes depression and periods of malaise is a lack of sleep, San Diego. That’s why a trip to the mattress stores for that new mattress should be a higher priority than what you’re making it out to be.


Those who suffer from depression often have lower levels of serotonin in their bodies. Seven to nine hours of sleep per night increases those levels. Fighting depression is vital, not just so you can feel better, but so you can take care of the responsibilities in your life and have better relationships with family and friends.


Don’t Forget About Naps


Many people use caffeine as a crutch to help them power through their days, but naps work just as well, San Diego. Some offices and companies are starting to have mattresses and couches available for their employees to catch a power nap during the day, and the results are encouraging.


Those who nap during the days have a lower risk of heart disease. Napping also improves your mood, cognitive function, and memory.


Sleep Has Been Linked to Weight Loss


It is a common belief at this point among the medical community that those who don’t sleep enough have a tendency toward obesity or being overweight. If you want to drop some pounds, San Diego, some time on a mattress is the answer, along with the proper diet and exercise.


Lack of sleep has a negative impact on the hormones in the body that control appetite. Those who want to lose weight should be doubly sure that they get those seven to nine hours a night.


Sleep Helps the Memory


Those in San Diego who aren’t neglecting their mattress time have an easier time retaining both short and long-term memories.


While we sleep, we undergo a process called memory consolidation. Our bodies may be resting, but our brains are busy processing the events of the day. They are forming the links that lead to memories. That is critical at any age, but even more so for older adults. That’s even more reason to hit those mattress stores, San Diego.


Comfortable new mattresses mean a great night of sleep, and there are so many benefits that it is foolish to put off shopping if your old one is worn out. At the mattress stores in San Diego you will find all the top brands, so go test them and select one that works for your sleep preferences and is within your budget. You won’t regret it.