Sleep Smart: Finding The Best Mattresses San Diego Has For Seniors

If you’re checking out the mattresses San Diego has available, odds are you’re already wondering whether the amount and quality of sleep you’re getting is enough.  As we get older, aches and pains, nighttime bathroom visits, and other things can cause sleep patterns to alter.  But don’t buy into the common misconception that seniors just need less sleep than they did when they were younger: a proper amount of sleep is still important as people age, and can help alleviate many common problems.

Less Arthritis Pain
Many older people live with joint pain, but did you know that getting inadequate amounts of sleep can increase the inflammation in your body?  That’s because your body only makes the special chemicals that knock down inflammation during sleep, and it expects to have 7-8 hours of sleep per night.  Cutting short your rest for even one night can mean more painful hours the next day.


Stay Sniffle-Free
Adequate sleep boosts your immune system and helps you ward off the germs that can cause colds and the flu, or if you do get sick, helps you to recover faster.  This is one reason why it’s so important not to put up with an old, worn-out, or uncomfortable mattress.  A quality bed can encourage deeper, more lasting sleep, and, in turn, prevent or shorten illness.  This winter, don’t take risks with your health: make sure you’re getting adequate rest on a good mattress.


Boost Memory
Did you know that studies have shown that getting enough sleep can boost cognitive function?  What that means, in layman’s speech, is that after a good night’s rest you think more clearly, remember things more easily, and even do better on puzzles.  Sleep is the time when your brain does “routine maintenance”, allowing new ideas and things you’ve learned to be retained in long-term memory.

With all these benefits, skimping on sleep seems like a losing proposition, so why do people do it?  Many mistakenly believe that struggling with sleep is natural as people get older, or they don’t realize just how dysfunctional their sleep patterns are.  If you’re struggling with insomnia, whether it means talking to your doctor or simply buying a new mattress, sleep is too important to leave to chance.  Most of us, however, already hold the power to better sleep: all we need to do is turn off the television or computer and head to bed.  Tonight, make it a point to get to bed on time, and sleep well to feel well!


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