Ask Your Mattress Store for Helpful Advice on Purchasing Bed Frames

While your mattress is the most important aspect of your sleep routine, the thing you’re going to notice when you wake up every morning is your bed frame. It’s important to spend time considering which kind of bed frame is most suitable for you. Thankfully, you can always follow the advice of your preferred mattress store on this matter.

Match Your Frame to Your Mattress

If you’ve already picked up a mattress in a mattress sale, you’ll need to complement it with the right-sized frame. As a whole, you’ll need to ensure the mattress and the bed frame work together.

Apart from size, you should also consider the frame’s functionality as well. For instance, a simple, lightweight bed frame wouldn’t do for a very large mattress with extra built in features. Ask your supplier if you’re confused about what type of bed frame you’ll need to correctly support your mattress.

Types of Bed Frame

You have a wide variety of choices when it comes to the bed frame’s style and material. If you need considerable support, a metal framed bed is your best choice. Although simple in appearance, this type of frame is assembled and disassembled easily and makes little noise as you sleep. Many metal bed frames can also be adjusted to mattresses of different sizes, which is ideal if you’re planning to upgrade in the future.

Wooden bed frames can come with their grain on show, or they can be upholstered in fabric for a more elegant look. Wooden beds are often very easy to recycle, as the natural materials are in demand. Although this won’t be a concern when you buy it, you’ll need to know you can dispose of it safely in the future.

Common types of wood used for bed frames include mahogany, oak, walnut and pine. This is because they’re durable, resistant to warping and all look good if the grain is visible.


Think About Aesthetics and Function

When choosing a frame for your bedroom, consider the decor and what style would fit best. A midcentury theme may favor a wooden bed, while a modern style would look best with a simple metal frame.

In terms of function, ask yourself whether you’ll need your bed to act as a storage area as well. Some beds are high enough to have items stored underneath, while others tend to focus on a bold look instead.

If you’re interested in purchasing a new mattress, bed frame or bedding, always speak to a reputable supplier. They’ll be able to source products that fit your budget, style and needs.



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