Pros and Cons of The Popular Mattresses

Many Orange County mattress buyers purchase without consideration of the type of mattress they buy, some repurchase the same type to avoid costly mistakes, and some aren’t even sure that there are other options available for them. Information about some of the most popular types of mattresses is listed below.

Innerspring, Coil, Pillowtops

These are the most common mattress type in any American home since they are readily available in any showroom. They are also the cheapest kind and provide ease of movement to sleepers.

However, based on satisfaction survey only about 60-65% of the responders are happy with this mattress because of longevity and comfort issues. Innerspring mattresses need to be replaced every 5-7 years because the spring loses their support, compressing the padding below. The mattress also encourages motion transfer which could disturb your partner if you move.


Memory Foam

Memory foams contour to the shape of the sleeper thus the weight is evenly distributed, and the pressure points in heavy areas like the hips are eliminated.

Memory foams have different formulations. These are:

-standard ((traditional Visco foam, temperature sensitive, slow-response)

-plant-based (uses natural oils)

-gel infused (gel plus memory foam)

Memory foams have the highest rating when it comes to customer satisfaction with 80-83 percent of people saying that they are happy using memory foams. Back pains and body pressure are also relieved with its use as it supports the natural alignment of the body. It also lasts 10-20 years because it prohibits motion transfer.

However, some memory foams give off strong odor especially the plant-based ones. They also tend to lean on the expensive side.


Latex Mattresses

The material used for latex foams comes from the Hevea brasiliensis trees, but there is also synthetic and organic latex mattresses available which are the result of modern manufacturing processes that evolved over the years.

Latex mattresses are second to memory foams when it comes to user satisfaction which ranges from 79-81 percent. It is highly durable lasting more than 15 years, provides back support and relieves body pressure minus the odors that some memory foam types give off.

The only drawback is the latex mattress price. Compared to other foam types, latex mattresses are more expensive.


Water Beds

Water beds, water mattress or floating mattress, are invented primarily for medical therapies. They are heated to the average skin temperature which is 30 degrees Celsius or 86 degrees Fahrenheit. It can either be “free flow” in which nothing disturbs the flow of the water or “waveless” in which fiber or baffles block or limit the motion of water. Also, when it comes to user satisfaction, water beds remain at 75 percent.

However, maintenance tends to be a problem with water beds. They are also hard to purchase except on online and internet shops.

It’s always best to research and read reviews before buying your Orange County mattress. If you want expert opinions before buying one, call Mattress Sale Liquidators at 714-795-0837. We currently offer up to 70% discount for all our Orange County mattresses.



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