How To Cope With Jet Lag?

Traveling to another country for a vacation or business is an exciting opportunity, but it does provide one downside: experiencing jet lag. This phenomenon can occur if you travel across a minimum of two time zones. Your body’s internal clock is scheduled around the time zone you currently live in, so jet lag is more than just feeling generally tired. It also directly affects your body’s circadian rhythms, responsible for your sleep-wake cycle. It is classified as a legitimate sleep disorder, but fortunately, it is only temporary. As experts on high-quality San Diego mattresses, we can teach you how to manage time zone change syndrome the next time you travel abroad by following these tips:


Before Your Trip

If possible, it is recommended to try to book a flight that leaves between 8 am and noon and arrives between 6 pm and 10 pm.

Avoid drinking alcohol. Instead, drink lots of water! It’s tempting to go for the caffeine, but you will feel much better and healthier with water.

Get enough sleep on your San Diego mattress before your flight. For international flights, you should arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before your plane departs.

On the plane

If you indeed make it to your destination in the evening, avoid sleeping on the plane if you can. That way, you can do so as soon as you get to your hotel room and adjust to the time change more manageable.

If you absolutely must sleep or your plane is scheduled to arrive in the morning, use headphones, earplugs, or a sleeping mask.

Limit screen time during your flight. This can be difficult as there is not much to do on the plane, but bringing a book or a puzzle might help. If you are traveling with another person, you can also converse with them as long as it doesn’t disturb the other passengers around you.

When You Return

Continue to drink water.

Try melatonin as a short-term solution. You will normally get over your jet lag after a few days. If you find that it is an issue that is still interrupting your sleep for more than a few weeks, book an appointment with your doctor.

How We Can Help

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