How to Stay Cool And Sleep Well This Summer

Good-quality mattresses from San Diego stores are essential for achieving a restful sleep at night, especially during the hot, summer months. Many people have a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep when their body is not able to cool down enough. So, in order to reach that ideal body temperature and foster a nice, peaceful environment, there are a few different techniques that you can try. 


Take a Cold Shower

If you’re feeling hot right before bed, consider taking a cold shower to help lower your body temperature and remove any excess sweat from the day. Some people might prefer warmer water, however, it is a good idea to finish with a cold rinse in order to rebalance your temperature. Hot baths may relax your muscles at night but they will also make it more difficult to fall asleep during the summer. 

Have a Small Fan by Your Bed

Whether you have air conditioning or not, a small fan right next to your bed can help cool you down as you’re getting ready to sleep. You can even try to make the air cooler by filling two plastic containers (water bottles will do) with ice and placing them right in front of the fan. 

Invest in a Cooling Mattress Pad

Most San Diego residents who are looking for new mattresses ask about how they can make their nights cooler. Fortunately, there are many different sleeping products on the market designed to do just that. One of the easiest to buy is a cooling mattress pad. These will transfer your body heat to other parts of the mat so that you are not lying in a warm spot all night. 

Exercise Earlier in the Day

If you are someone who likes to exercise at night, then make sure to give yourself at least three hours from the time you workout to the time you go to sleep. This will allow your body enough time to cool down to its normal temperature so that you don’t feel too hot in bed. It is best to save your more intense routines for early in the day and lighter stretches for night.  

Eat Lighter Food

During the summer, many people find that they can stay cooler by avoiding heavy foods at night. Digestion can raise your body temperature, especially if you are eating a lot of dairy, bread, and meat products. So, you might think about having an earlier dinner and then a light snack before bed

Choose Lighter Bedding

Cotton or linen are the best materials for staying cool at night. So, make sure to switch out your thicker, heavier sheets for something light and airy. You may also want to replace comforters with a lighter quilt or thin blanket in order to have cooler bed coverings.

If you struggle with staying cool at night and you like to have something covering you, then consider putting your sheets in the freezer! You can protect them in a large freezer bag and leave them in there for about 20 minutes in order to have sheets that feel just right in the summer heat. 

It can be difficult for some sleepers to get comfortable during the summer, which is why it is important to have a few different techniques that you can try to keep yourself cool. Here are some more methods for staying cool on summer nights: 

  • Wear light pajamas
  • Keep a glass of cold water by your bed
  • Keep windows closed during the day, open at night
  • Invest in a bedroom A/C unit
  • Freeze your socks
  • Have a popsicle before bed
  • Place a cold towel on your head