Shop Like a Pro at the Mattress Stores in Orange County

If you live in Orange County and your old mattress no longer serves your needs, then it’s time to go to the mattress stores in the area and find yourself a new one. It’s true that you can order mattresses from the bed-in-a-box sites online, but only by going to the stores can you lie down on the various mattresses beforehand to get an idea of whether any particular model feels right for you.


There are some things that you should keep in mind as you gather up the crew and head to the mattress stores, so stick with us as we teach you how to get the best deals in the OC.




Think About Your Needs


The most significant factor to keep in mind as you peruse some of the options is what you’re looking for in a mattress. This probably isn’t the time to think about what kind of mattress a family member or a friend has, because their sleep preferences and physical condition aren’t likely to be identical to your own.


Do you prefer to sleep on a hard mattress, one of medium-firmness, or do you want something that’s pillow-soft? Do you have any chronic pain or other physical ailments that are going to affect the style of mattress that you want to get? How big of a mattress do you want? It stands to reason that you’ll need something like a queen or a king if you sleep with a spouse or partner, but you also need to take into account the physical dimensions of the space you have at home. Maybe there’s room for a queen in your bedroom, for instance, but not a king or a California king.


It’s helpful to write down a list of the attributes you’re looking for in a mattress before you go the stores in Orange County. You can even call ahead to ask about the availability of specific brands and models if you’ve done some online research. Have that list handy and show it to some of the mattress store employees. They may have some recommendations based on customer feedback. There’s no harm in consulting the experts.


The Price


If you have unlimited financial resources, then you can afford any mattress in the store, Orange County residents, but that is probably not going to be the case for everybody. Chances are you have a set amount that you’re able to spend, and that is going to restrict your options somewhat.


Talk to the mattress store employees about how much you have to spend and the size and style of mattress that you want. They should be able to make some recommendations if cost is an issue.


They can also let you know about payment plans if the store will allow you to pay for the mattress in installments. You can always pay for the new mattress by credit card if you have one, but it’s best to do so only if you have the money to pay off the whole balance in your bank account. Otherwise, you’re going to be charged interest along with the original price, which can push the cost up substantially depending on how long you take to pay.


Holiday Shopping


Much like there are specific times of year when it is cheaper to buy a new car, the mattress stores in Orange County are likely to have big holiday deals going on some brands. The most popular holidays when it is smart to buy a new mattress are the 4th of July, Labor Day, and President’s Day. It’s likely that you have seen mattress commercials on TV around those national holidays, as the local chains will come up with competing sale prices trying to outdo each other.


You can take advantage of this if you wait a little while till one of these holidays roles around. The only time that you can’t delay is if your current mattress has collapsed in the middle, been damaged by water, or something along those lines. You want a better price for a new mattress, but if the current one is keeping you up during the night or forcing you to wake up sore each morning, then you need to take action immediately.


Mattress Ad-Ons


It’s also possible sometimes to get an additional value of some kind when you buy a new mattress. For instance, if you want to try and negotiate with the salespeople, sometimes you can convince them to add something to the purchase if you seem indecisive and act as though you’re going to try a different store.


Again, there is an element to it that is a bit like car shopping. Much as you might get something with your new car purchase like a couple of free oil changes or a free detailing if you sign the papers, with a mattress you might get some new pillows or an extended warranty if you make the deal. You can ask the store employees or the manager about it. They might say no, but it never hurts to check. You want to be able to get the most for your money, so there’s no reason not to drive a hard bargain.


The Sleep Trial


The other thing you should consider as you head to the Orange County mattress stores is that some models come with longer sleep trials than others. Some brands will give you as little as 100 days to make up your mind, while others will give you up to a full year.


Take that time to try out the mattress and make an assessment as to whether it is suitable for your needs. If you find that you’re not getting the restful sleep that you thought you would with a particular brand or model, don’t think twice about returning it.


A mattress is a significant purchase because chances are you’re going to have yours for several years to come, and if you don’t like your new one and you’re not sleeping comfortably on it, then there’s no reason to keep using it. The quality of your sleep impacts every other facet of your life, so make sure that you get one that’s ideal for your situation.


Armed with this knowledge, you’re ready to go to the mattress stores and hunt for the one that’s right for you. Hopefully, you can find a bargain and be sleeping soundly on your new mattress in no time.