Fibromyalgia Sufferers Should Head To The Orange County Mattress Stores

For those who are not familiar, fibromyalgia is a disorder where the sufferer feels widespread musculoskeletal pain. Along with that comes memory issues, mood swings, fatigue, and difficulty sleeping. Those in Orange County who have fibromyalgia can sometimes have a tough time with it, but if you’re one of those many individuals who are living with it then hope is not lost. Some mattress options are ideally suited for those who have it, so let’s take a trip to the mattress stores and talk about some of those right now.






Before we discuss the different mattresses that are good for people living with fibromyalgia, let’s talk about some of the things that you can do to try and alleviate the symptoms. Getting a good night of sleep is cited as one of the best things that you can do, and because of that, you’ll likely need a new mattress.


Aside from that, though, you can eat a balanced diet, drink plenty of water, exercise regularly, and manage your stress through things like yoga and meditation. There are also certain medications that your doctor might choose to prescribe, so talk to them if you’re dealing with fibromyalgia and you feel the need for some advice.


When you exercise, you should do so earlier in the day as opposed to right before you go to bed. You should stay away from caffeine in the evenings and at night, and Orange County residents should also try to adhere to a regular sleep schedule by setting a bedtime for yourselves.


You should also make a point of stopping your use of electronics at least an hour before bed. Rather than playing games on your phone or watching TV, read a book or have a conversation with a loved one. This will allow your mind to be in a better state to shut down rather than you lying there with many thoughts struggling for your attention.


Making these changes in your life should ease the symptoms somewhat. But what kind of mattress is best for you?


Mattress Qualities for Fibromyalgia Sufferers


If you have fibromyalgia, then what you’re looking for at the Orange County mattress stores is models that have good support and mold to your body. You want relief of pressure points, which means that you’re not going to desire a mattress that is feather-soft. Those mattresses might feel good at first, but the lack of spinal support is going to do you a disservice over time.


Instead, what you want are mattresses with latex, memory foam, or hybrid mattresses with both pocketed coils and foam layers. Of these varieties, it is the hybrids that are likely to be the most expensive, but there will probably be several different options that will fit the bill as to what you are seeking. You want that blend of support and softness, and several options claim to offer that combination.


Bear Mattress


The Bear mattress brand is one that is popular among people with fibromyalgia because it has a Celliant cover that is approved by the FDA. It facilitates a deeper sleep by dispersing heat, so you can sleep cool if you live in a warmer climate. The support should also help to alleviate pain and allow your muscles to recover.


These mattresses offer better spinal support than almost any others on the market, and you can also get the popular “Bear Bundle” that comes with a mattress protector and pillows. Bear mattresses are priced to own and should be on your list as you head to the stores to try out some different options.




The Tomorrow mattress brand has also done well recently among those who have fibromyalgia. Along with mattresses, they make pillows, sheets, comforters, and adjustable bases so that you can have a sleep setup that perfectly matches your preferences.


Tomorrow has a mattress made with the highest quality materials, and you have the option of getting an all-foam version from them or a hybrid if that is more to your liking. The price you pay is lower than many others on the market considering what you’re getting, and they have impeccable customer satisfaction scores over the past couple of years.


Level Sleep


Level Sleep mattresses are also making waves in Orange County. They have something called TriSupport technology, which features zoned support and an all-foam design that perfectly cradles your spine and eases the pain in your pressure points that is the source of many fibromyalgia-related complaints.


The shoulders, hips, and middle spine all do well with these models. This is the brand that chiropractors seem to love, as they recommend it often, and you should feel much better when you get up in the mornings after a few days of using one.




The Amore has four different budget-friendly options, including two different hybrids, a flippable all-foam mattress, and a high-end latex version. You can also customize any of them in a variety of ways.


You can pick luxury foams for your customized mattress, or you can opt for copper-infused fabric or split firmness levels if you sleep with a partner. Like the Tomorrow family of mattresses, you would be hard pressed to find a company that is getting better reviews right now than the Amore.


There’s no denying that fibromyalgia can be a pain for Orange County residents. If you’re waking up stiff every morning and you are constantly stretching and bending your body during the days to try and find some relief, then you’re going to be miserable, and you might even take it out on those around you. These sorts of ailments aren’t good either for you or your coworkers, friends, or family members.


The sooner you can find a mattress that works for you, the better, and you should try to make the other adjustments in your life that we mentioned as well. Strive for a better lifestyle and make some wholesale changes, starting with a trip to the mattress stores.