Workouts Keeping You Awake?

You’re trying to be healthy, so you’re giving your workout everything you’ve got.  You’re eating right, including being careful not to eat anything after dinner.  You’re getting to bed on time–but you’re sleeping terribly!  Why is this happening?  Surprisingly for many, it could be that the way you’re working out is impacting your sleep.

Hungry Muscles

Pushing yourself in the gym is great for sculpting muscles and building fitness, but it also depletes your body of glycogen, the spare fuel that is stored inside your muscles.  If you’re finding yourself tossing and turning after a hard workout, unable to get comfortable, there are a couple of possibilities about why.


1. Is It The Bed?

Take a stroll through a few of the best Orange County mattress stores, and even try out a couple of the mattresses.  How do they compare to your current mattress?  If they are noticeably more comfortable, it’s time to start thinking about replacing your mattress.  Generally experts recommend keeping a mattress no longer than 10 years, but if it starts to feel uncomfortable before that (say, 7 years if you spend a lot of time in bed), then don’t live with pain and the inferior recovery caused by lack of sleep: get a quality mattress as soon as possible.


2. Is It The Muscles?

If you’ve just started a new exercise routine, you’ll want to examine your diet, too.  Many people restrict their calories at the same time that they begin their workouts, in an attempt to accelerate weight loss.  This can work, but if you have muscles that are depleted of glycogen at the same time that you’re decreasing your calories, you can end up with low blood sugar overnight.  As your blood sugar drops, your body will wake you up to correct it.  The solution?  Eat enough before you go to sleep to feed your muscles, but not so much that you’ll throw your diet off track.


What To Eat For A Good Night’s Sleep

Keeping your blood sugar even is key, so a small bedtime snack made up of carbohydrates, protein, and good fats is ideal.  What might this look like?  Half of a turkey sandwich with a slice of avocado, perhaps, or some whole-grain crackers and cheese.  If you like protein drinks, having part of one before bed can also help.

Remember, sleep isn’t only important for your workouts, but because getting proper rest can help you enjoy your life more.  Don’t put up with another night of wakefullness– get a good mattress and try some of our tips today!




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