How Stress Can Affect Your Sleep

Even if you pay a visit to mattress stores in Orange County and get the mattress that you’ve been eyeing for quite some time, this doesn’t help if you’re suffering from insomnia. Your body may feel comfortable, but your mind is constantly plagued by thoughts that keep you up at night. Stress makes you toss and turn, rendering the comfort of the mattress useless. What could be causing you this stress? Let’s find out the possibilities and just how you can work around them. 

Tensed Muscles

You will find it hard to sleep if your muscles are constantly tight or strained due to stress. This is common for back pain sufferers as sleeping in the proper position can feel like a chore for them. It’ll help if you know how to do a progressive muscle relaxation of each part of your body for you to sleep well after. 


You may not realize it, but since stress is often a product developed from the mind, it stands to reason that it can significantly affect how your dreams turn out. The more stressed you are, you run a higher chance of suffering more nightmares that could greatly disturb your sleep. That’s all without even touching on the matter of night terrors that could significantly affect you as well.


You might not know it but stress can affect the way you breathe when you sleep. Those who suffer from sleep apnea are a pretty good example, though it’s not quite the same how stress can affect you personally.

An overt amount of stress can make it hard to breathe when you sleep naturally. If you also suffer from asthma, the symptoms from such a disability can become incredibly apparent if you are also anxious or stressed, making it more difficult to breathe and thus making it harder to get any sleep. 

Clipped Sleep

Another factor is if your body subconsciously rouses you from your slumber due to stress, making it more difficult to get a whole night’s rest. Maybe you are plagued with disturbing thoughts or problems so you constantly wake up. According to Orange County mattress stores experts, this can ruin your sleep schedule and disrupt any meaningful rest your body is attempting to get. 


There’s no doubt that stress can play a large part in how you sleep and should be dealt with. According to professionals at the mattress stores in Orange County, you should go to your happy place, whether it be physical and mental, and try to find a center through which you can purge yourself of stress and rest easier for it. You’ll be surprised at how much a good night’s sleep free of stress can make your life easier.