6 Ideas For A Kid-Friendly Home

Our idea of ​​a child-friendly home is just one that fits the needs and lifestyle of your kids. If you have active toddlers, it could mean adding a play area to your living room or guest room. If your little child loves handicrafts, but you have limited space, you may use a small wall and paint it black to create a temporary art area.

Possibly, your most common daily space should strike a balance between the features and style of everyone in your home. However, we know that styling and making a house child-friendly is often easier said than done; it is a challenge for many homeowners.

So to inspire you, we’ve put together some ideas to provide kid-friendly spaces at your home without giving up on styling. From a colorful guest study room that can be used as a games room to a less expensive staircase, steal the look (and some decorative tricks) from the charming skills below.

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Creative staircase

Whether it’s a small wall or an entire wall, applying a layer of blackboard paint is the fun element you need.

It provides a place for children to move freely and can openly show their creativity in a dedicated area. You can easily pull mini chairs and tables next to the blackboard wall as in this house to create instant craft corners. 

The best part? As your child grows up, you can sand and repaint the walls and redecorate the space with non-pint-sized furniture.

Comfortable multifunctional living room

Encourage your child to have their own place in your shared space. Pair it well with other child-friendly furniture, such as oversized lounge chairs and half, low curved stools and round coffee tables. Also, who doesn’t like time telling stories intents?

Fun reminder kitchen

In a busy and practical space like a kitchen, a child-friendly nod may mean showing artwork and adding a blackboard itinerary to get everyone involved in daily life. 

You can hang them from the pan rack and place them in colored focus above the counter without letting your children show off their creativity and artwork on the refrigerator.

Elegant media room for everyone

Consider turning an extra bedroom into an entertainment space for the entire family, where children can color and play, adults can rest, and everyone can watch a movie together.

The media room perfectly balances child-friendly creativity with sophisticated black, white, and orange color schemes. Adding a striped rug makes your space eye-catching and appealing, while a mattress from Orange County stores can add a comfortable texture to the whole area.

A fabulous guest study and games room

Having a room for kids to play is always a dream, but for many people living in apartments or small spaces, this is rarely the case.

Combining two rooms into one room without a guest-only study, it can double as a children’s play space when the child is not using it. The trick is to bring some stylish furniture.

Gorgeous floral wallpapers, white sofa-cover sofa beds, strawberry-red striped rugs, and fluffy low stools make the design both stylish and child-friendly.

Fun art-lined laundry room

For us, a child-friendly place is a space that celebrates everything they do in learning and growing up. Showing off their work is a great way to encourage creativity further.

Try a more laissez-faire approach to children’s art in your laundry space. Natural color on the gallery wall looks so fun and enchanting.

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