How To Choose A Bedroom Color For Feng Shui

Are you wondering which color can bring the best Feng Shui energy to your bedroom? Regardless of whether you are single or you have a relationship, the energy in your bedroom can control your health and the flow of love in your life (self-love and romance).


Do you know which colors are suitable for your feng shui bedroom? In addition to being visually impressive, they bring good energy to you and your family.

Let’s take a look at the best feng shui bedroom colors, and in general, the best colors for your bedroom.

Overall bedroom color

Even though we usually react to colors in the same way (for example, yellow is a happy color, blue is a calm color, etc.), choosing the right color for your bedroom isn’t an easy task.

Not only because the images you see on the swatches usually look very different on the wall, but also because many of the surrounding elements in the bedroom must welcome and “accept” the colors to their world.

Apart from colors, you have to choose a cozy Orange County mattress to ensure you can get some good night’s sleep. 

Feng Shui is easy because it has clear general guidelines about the best bedroom colors. 

Feng Shui Bagua Color

One way to choose the right feng shui bedroom color to promote overall harmony in the home is to meet the energy needs of each Bagua. If you are unfamiliar with Feng Shui, know that the Bagua is a specific area in your house and is usually defined by the compass direction of the front door.

This can become very complicated, so we strongly recommend that you explore the concept of Bagua further. However, we also make it easy for you, so if you know the direction of the compass where your bedroom is located, we will give you the best Feng Shui colors!

East Side Bedroom Colors

A bedroom on the east side of the house (also known as the wellness and family leisure area) offers you a wide choice of colors. Why? Because in Feng Shui, the best selection of color is based on the use of five Feng Shui elements. 

You can choose the color of the wood, earth, and water feng shui elements for your bedroom, which means you can choose any shade of green and brown (wood element), various earth yellow (earth element), and blue and black (water element ).

Southeast bedroom color

The bedrooms in the Southeast have the same colors as the bedrooms in the east because they have the same Feng Shui requirements.

So you can choose from multiple colors that can create good feng shui in this area- green, and brown represent wood feng shui elements, black and blue represent water elements, all earth tones represent earth elements.

Since the Southeast is closely connected to the richness of life, you can consider decorating to attract wealth into your life.  Add some comfort to your bedroom, buy a new cozy Orange County mattress.

Keep in mind that even if your bedroom is in an affluent area, water characteristics (or a representation of actual water) are not suitable for use as feng shui in the bedroom.

Bedroom Colors in the South

The southern region is closely related to the fame and reputation of Feng Shui (more accurate translation is “the light inside”).

The element that needs to be in this area is the element of fire. If your bedroom is located in the southern Fengshui Bagua region, then the most suitable color is the element of light (red, pink, orange, purple, magenta, yellow), or the color of the wood elements (green and brown).

Bedroom Colors in the Southwest

A bedroom in the southwestern area is easy to decorate and apply feng shui because this is closely related to the energy of Love and marriage.

So here, any artistic or decorative element that falls in love and romance with you is outstanding, both because this Bagua is enhanced by the visual expression of the energy of Love. Love and unity are enhanced symbolically and vigorously in any rectangular bedroom.

In terms of color, the colors of fire and earth are excellent here so that you can choose any of the following colors: red, orange, yellow, purple, pink, magenta and all earthy shades.

West Bagua Bedroom Color

The Sibagoa region is closely linked to creativity and the vitality of children. Even if you think it will bring a variety of wild colors, the best hues in Feng Shui are white and gray, and all earthy yellow.

Why? Just because the main feng shui element in the area is metal, white and gray are the colors that express that element. The color of the Feng Shui element is also outstanding here because this element is very nourishing for metals.

As a result, all earthy tones are also outstanding in the bedrooms in the western area.

Bedroom Colors in Northwest 

The best colors for the Northwest bedrooms are the same as the West bedrooms because they share the same metal elements. Therefore, you can choose between white and gray and all khaki tones.

Be careful to limit the intense, fiery red color, because the fire element is destroying the metal element.

North Bedroom Color

In terms of feng shui, bedrooms in the north may be hard to decorate because the best color in the area is not the best color for the bedroom.

The water, feng shui elements that dominate this area are shown in blue and black, and using these colors in the bedroom without a slight sense of depression is quite a trick. This is not impossible but difficult.

However, you can choose the color of the metal element because it is the element that supports water in feng shui, so white and gray are also suitable for bedrooms in the north.

Northeast Bedroom Colors

The northeast region is closely related to the spiritual growth and cultivation of people, and the main feng shui element in this region is the earth.

So if you own a bedroom in the northeast Bagua, the best colors are the color of earth elements (all earth colors) and the color of fire elements (red, orange, yellow, pink, purple, and magenta).

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