Are Your Headaches Related To The Quality Of Your Mattress?

You know that your mattress makes a great deal of difference in the quality and amount of sleep that you get. Make sure you visit an Orange County mattress store, for the best quality mattresses. You may not be aware of all the ways your mattress has an impact on the quality of sleep you get. For instance, if you suffer from crippling headaches, your mattress might have something to do with it.


There are many different types of headaches: migraines, cluster headaches, tension headaches. They might manifest themselves through a piercing pain behind the eyes, or an intense throbbing. They may come with visual disturbances or nausea. You might need to reach out to a doctor if you’re not sure about the reason they are occurring, but your mattress or pillows might be playing a part.


Is It the Pillow?


The most common scenario that your pillow is responsible for is your ailment, which can be the cause for some headaches. Your pillow might be polyester or latex, or it might be memory foam. Whichever of these it is, though, the material is going to break down over time, leaving the pillow compressed.


There should be a neutral alignment between the body and the head, and when there is no longer one it’s easy for your pillow to cause you headaches or a stiff neck. This might be a place to start if you’re seeking solutions to a persistent headache problem.


Is It the Mattress?


How do you know if the mattress is causing the problem? Well if you’re located in Orange County then there is a solution. It is not fully understood how migraines and poor slumber are related to one another, but there does seem to be a correlation. If your sleep is interrupted often, which happens if your mattress is worn out or uncomfortable, then you need to do what you can to try and get back to that deep, uninterrupted sleep again.


That might mean going to the mattress store and getting yourself a replacement for your old one that has been with you for so long. If you suspect your mattress is playing a part in your headache issues, then try to think back to when you got it. If you can’t remember how many years it has been, then that could be a warning sign that it has come to the end of its useful life.


You never want a bed that is too rigid, mushy, or not supportive enough. Anyone of those can be a cause for not sleeping well at night, which in turn is going to mean more headaches for you, both literally and figuratively. Make a change, and get yourself a new mattress and pillows. Any day that you can get through without a headache is going to feel like a win for you.