Get Yourself A New Mattress Then Think About Your Sleep Position

If you’re having trouble sleeping, Orange County, then the most obvious solution is to go to the mattress store and to get rid of your old one. A worn out mattress is one of the worst things for your sleep quality, and getting a new top-of-the-line one should be at the top of your priorities.


Another thing that you might wish to do, though, is to look at your sleep position, especially if you are a stomach sleeper. It has long been believed that sleeping on your stomach is the worst position for you, so let’s look at how bad it is, and whether you should be worried if that’s your preference.


How Bad is Stomach Sleeping?


Unfortunately, sleeping on your stomach is considered by most experts to be bad for you, though how much of an issue it is might be a source of contention. The reason is that it flattens the natural “S” shape of your spine, which means its likely your lower back will be sore in the morning. What’s more, your face is being pushed into the pillow all night with your neck turned to the side, so neck soreness is equally likely.


What Can You Do About It?


If you have slept on your stomach for years, though, Orange County residents,  then just saying “don’t sleep that way from now on” isn’t going to fix the problem. It’s going to take a real effort on your part to change this habit, and while a new mattress should be helpful, you’ll need to take things further than that.


Sleeping on your back is thought to be the best position for back pain sufferers and people in general unless you have sleep apnea. Assuming that you don’t, it’s going to feel strange lying on your back and trying to fall asleep if you haven’t done it for so many years.


What you may need to do is talk to your doctor to get a sleep aid prescribed to you. It should be easier to fall asleep lying on your back if you’ve taken a sedative to put you out. In time, you should grow more used to the new sleep position, and you can wean yourself off the pharmaceutical aid. It’s probably going to take several months, though, as training your body to sleep in a new position is a significant adjustment.


You are going to be the individual who makes the final decision about your sleep position, Orange County residents, and if you feel like you can’t make the change, then that is your prerogative. But if your back is sore every day, then this might be a contributing factor, and getting a new mattress will only take you so far if that is indeed the case.