Buying Mattress at A Store Versus Buying Online

Buying a mattress seems like a simple task until of course, you get to see what you bought online and wished that you could have tested it first before you purchased it.

Research would help in your Orange County mattress selection, regardless of whether you buy it online or in the store.


Pros of Buying Mattress in Store

-You get to try the mattress before you decide to buy it

-Mattress firms usually offer a full-service delivery, sometimes even a full mattress set-up

-Mattress stores usually offer old mattress take away

-You can return your mattress easily in case you are not satisfied with your first choice

-You get solid, professional and knowledgeable advice from mattress salespersons in the store who can help you decide or choose the best mattress for you

When buying online, on the other hand, it is important to note that there are two types of online retailers:

1. There are online stores that sell mattresses from various manufacturers

2. There are also companies who manufacture their own mattresses and have online stores to sell their products.

 Pros of Buying Online

-You get to save as much as 15% off the store value because you don’t have to pay for the sales tax.

-Brands that are mostly or are solely available online have better quality, are more durable, the materials are better, and offer long term comfort than their physical counterparts

-You get to pay less return fees from online retailers than when you buy from a physical store

-You can buy from the comfort of your own home if you do it online

-There won’t be any sales pressure or salespeople hovering at you when you buy online

-On average, online mattress stores have better customer service than the physical stores

Regardless of the pros of each store, however, you just need to take note of the following checklist when buying a mattress:

1. Know what to look for in a mattress. It is best that you understand the features of the different mattresses before taking your pick.

2. Check the quality of the product. Note that even mattresses with similar model and specifications may differ depending on the materials used by different manufacturers. Reading their reviews or customer testimonials would help in this matter.

3. Make sure you know the size. Measure and know the size conversions as you don’t want your Orange County mattress to overwhelm your room space especially if it’s not the size you expect. Make informed calculations!