Giving Children Hope

Yesterday MSL was given an amazing opportunity to give back to our community. We donated over 75 mattresses to Giving Children Hope, a non profit that works closely with schools and orphanages in Southern California. The mattresses donated yesterday are going to two main causes.

Cause 1) Is an orphanage in the Inland Empire that supplies the kids on calorie based diets due to a lack of food resources. Many of these kids are sleeping on old, stained, plastic mattresses.

Cause 2) Did you know in Orange County there are thousands of children that are sleeping on the floor, or that have never slept on a mattress before? Sounds crazy, but it is true. Local schools contact Giving Children Hope and GCH were supplying the kids with a 1-2 inch piece of foam to sleep on. Now, they will be able to give these kids an actual mattress.

The reason we were able to do this was do to all the support of our customers. With our customers constantly sharing the Mattress Sale Liquidators name, we have been able to constantly purchase new loads of mattresses and store a few away each time for charity.

Whenever given the opportunity to give back, take it.

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