How A Visit To Local Mattress Stores Orange County Can Help Your Child’s Allergies

If your child is one of the millions of Americans who suffers from allergies, odds are that you already know how miserable an allergic reaction can make them.  Sometimes, indeed, allergies are life-threatening, but even if they’re “merely” annoying, they can significantly impact a child’s sleep and quality of life. So why, if your child has been struggling with their symptoms should you consider visiting one of the mattress stores Orange County has available?

Why “Hand Me Down” Mattress Aren’t Okay

Whether they’re looking to save money or simply avoid owning unnecessary things, many parents offer their children a “hand-me-down” mattress–one that has been used by an older sibling or other relative.  While nobody wants to be wasteful, this is one instance where newer really can be better. Here’s why you may want to ensure that your child has a new mattress:


1. Dust Mites

Unless the mattress your child is using has been kept in an anti-allergen dust cover since day one, then it’s certain that it’s been colonized by dust mites.  These microscopic creatures live by eating our dead skin cells, and their presence can create potent allergens. In fact, did you know that up to half the weight of a 10-year-old mattress can be attributed to dust mites and their waste?


2. Pet Dander

Does your child have a beloved cat, dog, or other pet that they like to snuggle with?  If so, keeping their room allergen-free can be more of a challenge. As with dust mites, the best protection is to make sure that the mattress is protected by an allergen-proof cover.  Moving pet beds, cages, and litter outside the child’s room, frequently laundering curtains and bed linens, and daily vacuuming can also help.


3. Insomnia And Inflammation

Adults are familiar with the aching back and “crick in the neck” that can result from sleeping on an old, worn-out, or uncomfortable mattress.  While your child may not seem to notice the discomfort, sleeping on a bad mattress can cause difficulties with falling or staying asleep. In the long run, less sleep can mean a greater susceptibility to colds and increased levels of inflammation in the body.  Allergies can increase in severity as the immune system becomes more activated, so getting a good night’s rest can mean a reduction in symptoms.


We want to give our children the best, but sometimes that’s a difficult goal to achieve.  However, making sure that your child has a quality mattress is one way that you can help them deal with their allergies while getting the sleep they need to grow up strong.



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