How To Care For Your Mattress

Congratulations! You’ve searched among all the mattresses San Diego has available and you’ve made an excellent choice.  You’re ready to get rid of your old, uncomfortable mattress and enjoy the luxury and comfort of your new one.  But wait: do you know how to keep your new mattress looking, feeling, and working great for the long-term?  Check out our mattress care tips below, and you’ll be enjoying better sleep for years to come.


1. Get Set Up Smart

Whether you choose to take advantage of delivery and installation or to transport and install the new mattress yourself, there are a few pointers you want to keep in mind.  Remember to follow directions about how to install the mattress meticulously.  Is the frame or platform put together correctly and according to the factory instructions?  Next comes the foundation or box springs, if your mattress is designed to use them: consult illustrations or directions to ensure that they are sitting properly on the frame or platform.  Finally, be sure that you’ve set up your new mattress square on the platform, foundation, or box springs.  Before stretching out on your new bed, double-check that all instructions have been followed and everything is square and aligned to avoid damaging the corners or underside of your mattress.

2. Remember To Rotate, If Necessary

While many modern mattresses are designed to not need it, if you’ve chosen a more traditional style of mattress you’ll want to be sure to schedule regular rotation.  A good general rule is to rotate the mattress from end-to-end.  Some mattresses can also be flipped.  If you’re in doubt about whether this is a good idea with your mattress, consult the mattress care instructions that came with it, or the manufacturer’s website.


3. Keep It Clean

If you have allergies, you already know about dust mites, the little critters who can live in soft furnishings like pillows and mattresses, happily munching dust, and whose presence can cause allergies to become worse.  To protect against dust mites, a good washable mattress cover is a must.  Many people opt for an envelope-style mattress cover that fully encases their new mattress, protecting it not just from dust mites but also from stains and water damage.  This is the most important step in keeping your mattress looking like new.


Enjoying Your New Mattress

Now that you’ve meticulously set up your new mattress, plugged the date to rotate it into your calendar, and protected it from wear and tear, it’s time to enjoy it.  Proper sleep can affect everything from job performance to mood to relationship satisfaction, and you’ve taken a great first step toward ensuring a good night’s rest.



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