How to Clean Your San Diego Mattress

It’s not only important to just wash your bed sheets. Ensuring your mattress is clean is just as important as ensuring it is comfortable. If you’re not convinced that it is worth your time, just consider the proven fact that your body releases half a pint of sweat each night. Not to mention, cleaning your mattress helps reduce allergies. It is recommended that you clean your mattress every 6 months. That is only two times a year, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to set some time to do this. But how exactly can you clean a mattress from one of the best San Diego mattress stores the right way? It’s actually easier than you think!

Basic Materials You’ll Need

You will first want to use a clean hoover attachment or a vacuum cleaner to remove all of the nasty stuff like dust, dead skin cells, and debris the mattress has collected. You will also want to hold onto the instruction manual that came with your mattress to check if it is okay to hover. If it is not advised, you can alternatively use a damp cloth instead to wipe away the debris. Afterward, leave it out to dry.

You will want to use either a natural deodorizer or baking soda, sift over the mattress surface for 30 minutes as this will help neutralize any odors from all the sweat, dust, and other nasty smells. Adding essential oils can also help remove any unwanted scents from lingering in the room.

Cleaning Stains

Cleaning stains can truly be a chore. For these, you will want to use a cold, wet cloth as soon as possible. Do not wash it in hot water as this will make the stains permanent. Press on the blots with motion and avoid rubbing the tattoo much. You can also try applying a small amount of laundry detergent with a clean damp cloth, but be sure to not overdo it, otherwise, the mattress will become too damp – and- nobody wants to sleep on a wet bed!

There are also products designated to remove stains from mattresses that you can buy from almost any store. A few examples include:
◼️ A citrus cleanser for basic stains
◼️ Hydrogen peroxide for more complex stains, such as blood or urine

Hiring a cleaner

If you feel it is worth your money, you can also opt to hire a professional to clean your mattress for you. You may find this to be a good option if there are too many tough-to-get-out stains on your bed.

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