How to Shop at Local Mattress Stores and Save More Money on a Mattress

Buying a new mattress is something that you should do at least once every six months, but some people hate the idea of spending so much money that they put it off as long as possible. With the right mattress stores, shoppers like you can get a great deal on a bed set. You just need to know when and how to shop.

Know What Type You Want
Many of the mattresses that you see for sale come from just a few different companies but feature completely different names, which is why it’s more important that you know the type that you want than the name of a mattress. Mattresses with inner springs are often fairly affordable and come from different companies. These models have springs inside with padding on the top and bottom. Many shoppers prefer memory foam mattresses that won’t move or bounce as they move around in bed.

Shop Around the Holidays
The best time to hit mattress stores is in the middle of May or near the end of the month. June is when manufacturers bring out their newest models, and stores often steeply discount their remaining stock to make room for those new mattresses. You can also save money when you shop around major holidays such as Christmas, Labor Day or Presidents’ Day. Stores often offer big savings around the holidays.


Try as Many Mattresses as Possible
Never make the mistake of thinking that each mattress you see is as good as the next. The more time you spend trying out different models, the better you can see how each one feels. If you sleep with a partner or spouse, bring that person along. This lets you see how much the mattress moves as you each move. When you try different mattresses, it keeps you from spending a lot of money on one that you need to replace in a few years or less.


Local mattress stores sell mattresses from all the leading manufacturers, but you need to know how to save on one for your bedroom. Of course, suppliers such as Mattress Sale Liquidators make it their top priority to give customers the best deals on high-quality mattresses.




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