Latex Mattresses: 3 Questions to Ask While Browsing Mattress Stores

While browsing local mattress stores in San Diego, you may have heard about how amazing latex mattresses are. In fact, you may have heard how great the product is that you may be considering buying one for yourself.

While it’s true that latex mattresses are a fantastic product, it may not be the best choice for everyone. You may want to ask yourself these questions while trying out latex mattresses at trusted mattress stores in San Diego like Mattress Sale Liquidators:


How concerned am I about the chemicals in my mattress?

Many mattresses are known to contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which were left behind after a particular mattress was chemically treated during manufacturing. This may be a concern for many people, especially for those who have respiratory conditions like asthma.

Natural latex mattresses contain a minute amount of VOCs, which makes it a better option for those concerned about harsh chemicals. If you found a particular latex mattress you like during a mattress sale, take the time to research the chemicals that were used in its production.

Am I experiencing lower back pain or any other aches and pains?

Latex mattresses are generally firmer than their memory foam counterparts. As such, latex mattresses offer great support for the lower back, while enjoying memory foam-like features. Those who suffer from lower back pain and the like may find that a latex mattress offers the firmness and comfort they need to get a good night’s rest on a regular basis.

If you are unsure of what kind of mattress is best for your needs, try consulting your physician or chiropractor. He or she may be able to give you some valuable insight on what characteristics to look for.


What position do I sleep in most of the time?

Your sleeping position plays a big role when choosing whether you should get a latex mattress or not. If you prefer to sleep on your stomach, firm latex mattresses are a solid choice since they offer better support for your back.

You should also consider the sleeping habits of your spouse if you two share the bed. If you and your spouse can’t agree on the feel and comfort of a latex mattress, you may want to look at hybrid mattresses instead.


Are my allergies a concern?

Over time, mattresses tend to store attract and store allergens like mold and dust mite droppings. Latex mattresses, however, are well-known for their antimicrobial properties and ability to resist mold and dust mites. If you are aware of any allergies to these particles, you may find that getting a latex mattress help alleviate allergic reactions.




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