Look For A Mattress Sale Orange County If You Are An Athlete

If you’re an athlete, or if your lifestyle involves a lot of physical activity, you know the importance of a good night of sleep, and therefore, the importance of a comfortable mattress. Whether you’re a runner, a swimmer, a weight-lifter, or if you do Crossfit or yoga, you need a mattress that’s going to give you the support you desire and will allow your muscles to recover quickly. Here are three that we like for athletes, so find a mattress sale Orange County, and get one of these without delay.


This is a well-regarded memory foam mattress that also incorporates Celliant, which is a plant-based fiber. It allows for increased oxygenation in the blood flow, and it’s used to make some clothing and sheets in addition to mattresses. People regard Amerisleep mattresses as being high-end, and the price can reflect that to some extent, but these are good mattresses precisely because they provide that balance of support and comfort that is so important for athletes who are serious about their training regimens.



Lull mattresses have a layer of memory foam over a layer of latex foam. You get the support from memory foam that makes it so popular, and you also get a little more spring from the latex, which makes it easier to move around. Lull might not have been designed specifically for athletes, but it’s super comfortable, the price point is reasonable, and if you have higher muscle mass, you might like the slightly springy aspect of it because of more perceived support that it offers.



Last is the Bear brand of mattresses, which has the Celliant technology again, and it’s well-made and comfortable. They make these with athletes in mind, and they’re reasonable from a price standpoint. With the memory foam-Celliant combination, you get pressure relief and support, and there’s a touch of bounce to it as well, so you don’t feel as though you’re sinking into the bed. This is a well-made product, and if you can snag one on sale, it might even be our favorite of the three.


Whichever one you choose, you’re looking for deep sleep that’s uninterrupted. The natural growth hormone your body produces that allows it to recover is only created when you’re in the deep phases of sleep, so that’s what you’re striving to achieve. One of these mattresses might be ideal for helping you get there, so give them a try and see which one feels right for you.