Mattress Sale San Diego: How To Find A Bed You And Your Partner Will Love

Lots of people will be shopping the  mattress sale San Diego has available, and a good percentage of them will be couples.  It can seem like finding mattress that both halves of a couple enjoy is impossible–but after you’ve checked out our tips, you’ll never feel like either of you have to settle.

 How Firm Do You Want It?

In general, larger or taller people are more comfortable on a firmer mattress.  This can be challenging in couples where one individual is much smaller or more petite than the other, since they can experience the firm mattress as being uncomfortably hard.  The smaller parter can use a softer mattress topper in this case, or an even more innovative solution can be tried: purchasing two mattress, often twin-sized, and using them with a king-sized foundation.  There are also mattresses available with adjustable firmness.


How Much Do You Move?

Many people say, “as much as I love my partner, they keep me awake all night! Every time they turn over in their sleep, it wakes me up.”  If this is your problem, then you’ll want to search for a mattress that controls for motion transfer. While some high-quality innerspring mattresses are very good at this, you’ll probably be happiest with a memory-foam mattress.  Sleeping on a less “bouncy” bed can take a little getting used to, but many people find that they’re both supportive and comfortable.


Do You Or Your Partner Have Any Special Needs?

Does your partner have arthritis?  Perhaps you tend to get lower back pain.  Or perhaps one or both of you regularly suffers from insomnia.  If you have any special health or comfort needs, it’s worthwhile to include them in your mattress-buying criteria.  After all, whatever mattress you purchase will likely be with you for the next 7-10 years, so you want to make sure that it supports your health and comfort goals.

Sleeping beside someone is one of the most special, intimate acts that we experience.  It’s too important to put up with an old, worn-out, or uncomfortable mattress. With a little attention to our tips, you can be sure that you and your partner can both enjoy blissful sleep–together.




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