Mattress Shopping: Myths and Tips

In this article, we’ll examine some common myths about mattresses, and we’ll give you some shopping tips. When you hit the mattress stores Orange County, we want you to be ready. That way you’ll be able to find what suits you best, you’ll pay the best price for it, and you’ll soon be sleeping comfortably.

The Myths
You may have heard that mattresses with more coils are better than those with less. It’s similar to the belief that sheets with a higher thread count are more comfortable. It’s possible that you might get a better night of sleep on a mattress with 1,000 coils rather than 800. It might also be psychosomatic. Even if one mattress has more coils than a different one, they might be composed of thinner-gauge metal. It doesn’t follow, then, that one with more coils is inherently superior to one with less. You might find it more comfortable, but it’s just as likely that you won’t.
Another common notion is that you feel cooler when you sleep on a gel-infused foam mattress. Again, this might be true, but there’s no guarantee of it. Some mattresses with a gel-infused foam layer still retain some heat. You can lie on a foam mattress that has that much-vaunted gel-infused layer, or multiple layers, and you might feel cooler. Then again, you might not. There’s no reason to discount these claims entirely, but you’re probably better off judging for yourself.
Shopping Tips
When you go mattress shopping, wear shoes that you can easily slip off, and loose clothing. Lie down on any mattress you’re considering. If you need advice, consult a salesperson, but don’t allow yourself to feel pressured. Take your time. Lie on each mattress for several minutes in your normal sleep position. Try your back, side, and belly. If you feel comfortable with a particular model, see if it comes with a 30-day trial period, or better yet, a longer one. Consider buying a box spring, but don’t feel obligated to do so. Finally, look carefully at the language of the warranty. Coverage is sometimes prorated, which means that it decreases as time goes on.
Do you feel more comfortable about shopping for your new mattress now? This should be an exciting experience, not a stressful one, and hopefully that is the way you experience it. You might have your mattress for many years to come, so choose wisely. Sleep is important, and you should regard your mattress decision that way too.