Should I Sleep Separately from My Spouse?

It is a common practice to share a bed with your spouse or your live-in partner, but how would you feel about having a separate bed, or even a separate room from your significant other? It sounds like a recipe for disaster. Won’t it confuse your children about what marriage is supposed to be about? This practice is often referred to as “sleep divorce,” and only 12% of married Americans sleep in separate beds. Generally speaking, sleeping with your partner has been shown to have many health benefits, but that always wasn’t believed to be the case. In some previous generations, couples were encouraged to sleep separately to prevent the spread of germs. Could you imagine if people started believing they had to start sleeping in separate beds to stop the spread of Covid-19?


Here are a few reasons why you may consider sleeping separately from your spouse:

You go to bed or wake up at different times

If you and your spouse work different hours, perhaps your wife has a traditional 9 to 5 and you work the night shift, you might find yourself frequently disrupting one another. If this is negatively impacting your quality of sleep, then it might not be a bad idea to consider breaking tradition a little bit and sleeping separately.

You or your partner suffer from a health condition

Maybe your husband is a chronic snorer, even if he doesn’t have sleep apnea (though the overwhelming majority do) and you can’t stand it, or you have another health condition that makes it more difficult to snooze peacefully with your partner, even in a super comfy bed you got at your favorite Orange County mattress store.

You simply prefer privacy

Believe it or not, you are a different entity from your significant other. Some couples just need a little more space than others. You might be naturally more introverted and require “me” time, and that is not necessarily a bad thing. Your partner may like to play online video games late at night with the guys while you prefer to hunker down with a good book before bed. It’s just too difficult to enjoy the latest Stephen King novel when your boyfriend or girlfriend is up until 2:30 am playing League of Legends. You’re in love with them, just not their pre-bedtime routines.

So what’s the final verdict?

So will not sharing a bed really mean the end of your relationship? It really depends on a lot of external factors. Ultimately, it is up to you and your partner to decide what is best for both of you. Whatever your choice is, we at Mattress Sale Liquidators, one of the most respected mattress stores in Orange County, can help you find the perfect bed(s) for you and your partner. Mickey and Diane are committed to working with your personal needs and preferences for the best mattresses in Orange County for the very best prices, so give us a call at (619) 760-7031 and book an appointment to visit our Orange County store today.