Mattress Sale San Diego: Dressing Your Perfect Bed

So you did it: you found the perfect bed at the mattress sale San Diego has available.  Now, your old sheets and blankets might not be the right size, or maybe they just look shabby compared to your beautiful new bed.  You’d like to get some new ones–but how do you know which linens are the best for you?  Read on for our handy bedding guide, and get ready for the best night’s sleep of your life.

1. Consider Your Needs

The most important part of choosing the right linens involves assessing your own lifestyle, sleep style, and needs.  Do you have allergies?  Do you share a bed with a partner who sleeps hotter or colder than you do?  How about climate, ecological concerns, or simple preference?  Write down any concerns that have been nagging at you, and then move on to the next step.


2. Start With A Mattress Cover Or Pad

These days, mattress covers can do more than just keep your mattress fresh and stain-free.  They can protect against dust mite infestation and other allergen issues, and some of them can even help keep you warm (like electric mattress pads) or cool (mattress pads filled with a cooling gel).  Considering the investment you’ve just made in a new mattress, spending enough to ensure that you’ve got a quality mattress cover is a smart move.


3. Choose Natural Fibers For Sheets

Many people are familiar with cotton sheets, and some stores even sell expensive (but wonderfully crisp and long-wearing) linen sheets.  High thread-count cotton sheets are still the fiber of choice for most people who enjoy a crisp, cool feeling to their sheets.  If you prefer a softer experience or suffer from night sweats, bamboo sheets are natural, wick moisture away well, and are less expensive than the ultimate luxury: silk sheets.  Do you tend to keep your house chilly at night during the winter months?  Consider investing in warm, comforting flannel sheets.


4. Blankets & Comforters: Go European

While the typical look for an American bed is one large blanket, bedspread, or comforter, if you share a bed with a partner you might consider doing it European-style: with two smaller, individual comforters.  Natural or synthetic down comforters encased in a cover can serve as both a top sheet and a blanket, and nobody has to complain about their partner “stealing the covers”.  This also allows each partner to choose their own level of warmth, and often purchasing two twin-size or smaller comforters is less expensive than purchasing one larger blanket.  Of course, if you enjoy cuddling under a large comforter, you should honor your preferences–but be sure that you think through all of your needs before pulling out your credit card.

Does all this sound lovely?  Why not get started shopping for your mattress today?  Once you’ve got your new mattress dressed in the perfect combination of linens, we’re betting that you won’t be able to resist crawling under the covers for some well-earned rest, and we’d love to help you get started.


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