Start Your Search for the Ideal Bed for Your Child at Mattress Stores

Many parents wonder if their child is ready to move out of their crib or toddler bed and into a regular bed. While there is no set age when your child should transition, one telltale sign that it’s time to give up the crib is when your child starts climbing out on their own. This can be a bit scary, so instead of waiting until your child has a big fall, it’s best to move them into a regular bed.

How to Choose the Right Bed for a Child
When a young child is transitioning from a crib or toddler bed to a big kid bed, it’s important to make sure that they have the support their growing body needs. Their new bed should also help them feel safe and secure. Many kids prefer a twin or full size bed rather than a queen or king size bed. A smaller bed that fits the size of the child often offers a cozier feeling, after all. Of course, each child is different, so make sure you take your child with you when shopping at a mattress sale in San Diego.

Ideal Mattress Types for a Growing Child
Many people recommend an innerspring mattress because it offers excellent skeletal support that is so important to a growing child. Meanwhile, some people think that a comfortable memory foam bed will help their child feel snug and secure. However, because a child is still growing, their body is often changing rapidly. It’s best to look at other options that would allow you child some elbow room to move around and grow. You wouldn’t want to buy a new mattress just to find out that you kid has outgrown it after only a few months.

Help Your Child Feel Confident in their New Bed
An important part of helping your child gain a sense of independence and confidence is to let them be part of your buying decision. Let them try out different mattresses, and once you’ve picked the mattress, let your child help choose the bedding. Most kids love to get bedding that has images of their favorite cartoon characters or a special hobby or sport that they love. This can definitely help give young kids a sense of individuality and make them feel that the big kid bed is a fun place to sleep. Many mattress stores in San Diego will offer a wonderful selection of mattresses as well as many excellent options for bedding.

When your child is ready for a big kid bed, let them be a part of the decision making process. They’ll love looking at new beds, and personalizing their bed with their favorite theme will help it feel like a safe place.


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