The Answer Is Our Mattress Sale

Getting eight hours of restful sleep on a mattress can be more important than some people realize. If you cut corners by sleeping less than that on most nights, it’s bound to catch up with you during the day, and you’ll need more stimulants to keep yourself going. What if you’re trying to rest, though, and you can’t, because of an old uncomfortable mattress? Lucky for you we’re having a mattress sale San Diego. In this article, we’ll look at some of the health problems that can result from sleeping on the wrong mattress.

Benefits Of Getting A Better Night’s Sleep On A Comfortable Mattress

Perhaps you suffer from back or neck pain. If so, you’re not alone. There is an epidemic of neck and back pain sufferers, probably due in part to so many people spending multiple hours a day sitting in front of computers in chairs that don’t offer critical lumbar support. Others may have jobs where they’re always bending over and picking up heavy objects, which doesn’t do your back any favors either. A support level of medium-firm is usually considered to be the best for back pain sufferers. You will see reduced pain when you wake up if you support the natural curvature of the spine.

Another benefit of a good night’s sleep is memory improvement. Memory loss is something that is usually associated with older people, but in some cases it can start much sooner than that. In middle age, most people begin to feel “scatterbrained.” Forgetting someone’s name, or walking into a room to retrieve some object and then forgetting the reason why you came is the way it usually starts. Sleep is the best way to counteract these problems. When you sleep, a critical process in the brain solidifies memory. It helps us to process and retain new information. Tossing and turning on an uncomfortable mattress prevents that from happening.


The Answer Is Easy

It should be obvious now how important it is to get yourself a new mattress that allows for a restful night of sleep. Without it, your body and mind are going to be struggling, and you might not even completely realize why that is. Just as exercise and good nutrition are part of a healthy lifestyle, so is getting plenty of sleep. A new mattress is the first step toward making that happen.